Beyond Sisterly Love

Imagine being born with your best friend. Like, literally. Growing in the womb together, kicking and punching each other, cuddled for comfort during the first 9 months of your existence. Then, being entered into the world and immediately placed together, then with your mom. Well, that's not exactly what happened with River and Lydia, but you get the point. [...]

The Legend of (Our) Zelda

Zelda is our 4-year-old rescue mini-pinscher/dachshund mix. She’s cute, has legit puppy eyes, loved us from the beginning, and was really fond of my pregnant belly. Now that the girls have been born and have come home, she’s a little jealous (understatement) and doesn’t like to be near them, for the most part. [...]

A Bitch Called Postpartum Depression

Enter Postpartum Depression. Shhhhh. Not too loud. People will judge. *insert eye roll* Give me a fucking break. Let me take this moment to say that if you or anyone you know has been shamed, dismissed, or mocked for PPD, that they're NOT ALONE. This shit sucks, and having the right people with you to support you, dry your tears, give you candy, let you rest, and just be there for you is essential. It won't "heal" it, but it'll help you stay at peace. [...]