The Days of Our Lives

There are two different types of days for us – the days I have to go to work and my days off (haha… days “off”).

They both start about the same. The girls wake up at 5 or 6 in the morning. I change and feed both babies, put them back down for a nap, and I go back to bed. There’s no way I’m starting my day before 9am, and they’re learning that very well. I then wake up at 9, usually to the sounds of them talking to each other from their cribs. I change the girls, bring them downstairs, put Netflix on and put the girls together on their floor blanket to keep them entertained them for 30 minutes to make sure they’re hungry and will finish their whole bottles, feed the dog, feed self, feed the girls. Take the dog outside, play with girls for another 30 minutes. Wash all bottles, make enough formula for the afternoon, pick out the solid food of the day for them.

On the days I work, it’s all very rushed. After doing all that and hoping they don’t fuss or fight their bottles, I shower, get dressed for work, and gather lunch for work. I then work from 1:30pm to hopefully 7:30pm. Hopefully is the keyword – you almost never get off on time when you work the mid shift for one of the biggest airlines in the world. Once I get home from work, if I left on time, I have an hour to snuggle and help Rick feed the girls before we put them to bed at 9pm. If I didn’t get to leave on time, Rick usually has them in bed by the time I get home, so I stare at them in their cribs and debate whether or not I should smooch their chubby cheeks. I usually don’t, because I’d hate myself if I woke them up.


On the days I don’t go to work (that’s better than claiming those days as my days off…. Because days off don’t exist anymore), I usually take my time with doing things, especially taking the dog out. Sorry, Zelda. But as the day goes on, the girls eventually nap at around noon or so, and I try my hardest to make a quick lunch for us on the days Rick works from home, or I scavenge hunt for easy-to-make food for myself when he’s at the office. Then the dog wants attention (I feel so bad for her), she gets pet for about a whole minute before I realize I have to get things done before the girls wake up. I try – keyword here, try – to get the laundry, dishes, and some cleaning up done. However much of it gets done depends of how active the girls are and how much coffee I’ve had that morning.

We put on Netflix in the background so the girls have something else to stare at other than longing for us to pick them up when we’re trying to be functioning humans. All anti-TV moms just gasped in horror and have concluded that I am an awful, uncaring, negligent mother when they read that one sentence. Fuck off. They’ve been “watching” TV since they were 2 months old actual/before their due date. Noises, cool colors and effects, flashing lights, everything a parent of multiples needs to distract their children for about 10 seconds while you run to go pee, or while you try to shove a couple of Oreo cookies in your mouth and call it lunch. It did encourage River to teach herself to roll – she’d twist herself to watch TV and it ended up helping her interest in being on her tummy and holding her head up to see the screen, which was so cute to watch. So if you’re against TV for babies, good for you. If it works for you, congratulations, I’m actually a tad impressed. It doesn’t for us and we need to carry on with our lives, so… You do you, and I’ll do me. Deal? Deal. They’ve watched all of Star Wars: the Clone Wars (twice, because this household is a huge Star Wars fan), Sarah and Duck, Animaniacs, Stella and Sam, Lego: Ninjago, Angry Birds (cartoon and the movie), 7 seasons of Friends, some Game of Thrones (oops, bad parents. Yeah, right. They didn’t even know what the hell was going on in that show when I tried doing a second viewing of it to refresh up for season 7), some of the show Travelers, Little Witch Academia, One Punch Man, All of the Star Wars movies (The Force Awakens and Rogue One have been watched multiple times), all of the Harry Potter movies (a couple of times)… They’re seasoned TV veterans.

Watching TV like champs.

It’s a lot easier now to take care of them at home. Sure, all hopes and dreams of continuing hobbies I used to have (goodbye for a bit, videogames), but I look at it from a different angle. The babies are my “hobbies”. They are babies, and will only be babies once. I can resume my Mass Effect: Andromeda game play once they learn to entertain themselves and each other, no biggie. It does make it a lot easier on you once you realize that and come to terms with it (I hope my poor husband does that soon).

I get asked a lot about why I went back to work and how I feel about being back. Babies are expensive, so imagine two babies. We spend about $400 on formula alone each month. Should I try to do the math for how much we spend on diapers? Although, I did win a contest with the amazing community Twiniversity and won enough coupons for a month’s worth of free Pampers diapers and wipes for the girls (THANK YOU, TWINIVERSITY AND PAMPERS). Now that those coupons are all gone, we go back to Target’s diaper brand, Up&Up. Those diapers are amazing and very cost-effective, by the way. Anyway, did you look at those numbers? That plus doctor visits for them (and us), gas, new car payment (I love my Nissan Rogue), diaper creams, outfits, groceries (thank the Universe for Aldi), and all other imaginable expenses are way too much for just my husband’s income. Throw in the fact we definitely have to move out of the little townhouse we’re currently outgrowing and the change in mortgage that will cause, and there’s even more of a need. I’m not even going to touch on the subject of insurance coverage prices. We don’t do daycare (at least not yet). One of their sweet NICU nurses and one of my really good friends are our two babysitters, and the girls really like them. To keep our budget doable, I have to keep two days off during the week. Rick is off on weekends, so we only need babysitters for 3 days. Not bad!

I absolutely love being back at work. I’ve always had a passion for what I do, the company I work for, and the people I work with. After going through PPD and being stuck at home for 4.5 months after the girls came home, I cannot explain how amazing it feels to have a big part of pre-babies Camila back. Sure, it’s work, but it’s different when you love what you do. Plus, it does bring money in.

All-in-all, being a working mom keeps me insanely busy and it’s a lot of work. But in all reality, I wouldn’t change a thing about it. Except maybe give Zelda more love. Poor dog.

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