Bitch and Wine

Ah, yes. Fridays might not be my Fridays (they’re technically my mondays), but there is a big reason I have been looking forward to every Friday for the past 4 weeks.

Here’s a random excuse to add a picture of my gorgeous babies!

Too cute for words

Anyway, back to the subject. I have a dear friend, Amanda, who, though she only lives about an hour and a half away, I don’t get to see too often. We both live busy lives – she’s an amazing therapist who works two jobs and I have the most full-time part-time job and two babies – so unless we have a LARP event that we can both attend, we have to resort to messaging and video chat. What’s that? Oh, what’s LARP? That’s another blog for another sunny day.

What’s so sacred about my Friday nights? Well, after the girls go to bed at 9pm, I either pour myself a nice glass of wine or mix myself a nice, strong drink and Amanda and I videochat, doing exactly what we have appropriately named this “get together” – Bitch and Wine. B&W for short.

Me and Amanda having fun at one of our events.

It can last anywhere from an hour to two and a half hours, and we talk about absolutely everything and anything. No subject is taboo, no subject is untouchable. We talk about our weeks, work, challenges with friends and marriage things, we talk about past experiences and our past selves and things we are currently working on becoming better at. We reassure, encourage, and empower each other, we vent, listen, and make suggestions and/or comments on each other’s struggles or victories, and most importantly – we have an adult conversation. I completely took for granted all the previous times I got to chat and spend time with another female (or male) adult in a setting without squeaking, adorable babies. I never realized how needed that type of interaction is, how imperative it is to our own growth and sanity. I strongly encourage every mom (rather, everyone, but since I am writing from a mom’s perspective hoping to reach out to other moms, I emphasize the “mom” factor) to set aside a day every week to put their feet up, take out their laptops or tablets, and pick a friend who is brutally honest and understands your busy lifestyle and has as much healthy, intellectual conversation to offer as she does trashy content. This is so important to your mental health… I had no idea just how essential to my wellness a vent-and-relax session was until we started taking the time to do this every week.

So, grab you a nice glass of wine (or your favorite beverage, it doesn’t have to be anything alcoholic) and enjoy a dear friend with a nice, adult chat. It’s good for you.

Thank you for being my favorite Bitch to Wine with, Amanda.

You can check out her awesome blog here!

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