Beyond Sisterly Love

Have you ever witnessed the magic of a twin bond in development?

Imagine being born with your best friend. Like, literally. Growing in the womb together, kicking and punching each other, cuddled for comfort during the first 9 months of your existence. Then, being entered into the world and immediately placed together, then with your mom. Well, that’s not exactly what happened with River and Lydia, but you get the point.

My girls spent 28 weeks hanging out in the same placenta, with two very thin amniotic sacs in between them. They kicked each other, cuddled, poked and hit each other. When they decided to make their early entrance into the world, they were split up for the first time. They stayed in different incubators and even rooms at first, and never got to have their first real touch with each other until they were already a month old but still in the NICU. Even then, they touched hands and leaned towards each other while laying on my chest together. It was heart-warming.


River got to come home 11 days before Lydia did, but when Lydia finally did get discharged and we placed them next to each other, it was like they had always been together. From then on, we’ve watched this bond take off and become even more pronounced as they get older. They’ve gone from reaching out and touching hands while sleeping to scooting closer to each other and sleeping cuddled, to holding each other’s arms and hands and just touching at all times. They’ve recently started “talking” to each other and attempting to soothe each other, and holy mackerel, my heart almost explodes every time.

I recently met a pair of fraternal twin girls who were around 13 years old while at work. With the stupidest smile on my face, I asked if they were best friends. Their neutral faces frowned and grimaced.

“Uh, no.”

I think I must have turned red or just looked like the complete idiot I felt, because their mother quickly apologized and said that they had never been close, even as babies. She sounded a little disappointed in that and I’m not going to lie, that actually made me a little sad for them. I’m aware that no sibling relationships, twins or not, are the same for everyone. In my case, my sister and I are 18 months apart (older yet shorter sister right here) and we’re extremely close. I can’t imagine twins not being close, but that’s only because I only see how my girls and my friends Katie and Sarah’s fraternal girls interact with and love on each other. You can check out their girls, Aubrey and Maggie, and their adorable twin bond here!

It’ll start off with River giving Lydia a simple look. Lydia will reciprocate with a tiny smile. Then, River will either squeal or scream at Lydia, and then it becomes a screamfest. They automatically hold hands, touch each other’s faces, and tug on each other’s clothes. The hand-holding is what really gets me. It’s so sweet and voluntary, yet they seem to absolutely have to hold hands at all times.


I really hope their bond grows stronger and stronger, and that they remain best friends as they get older. It makes me happy to see them interacting with each other every single opportunity they get.

I love these two so much.

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