Geeky is Peachy

Many parents hope to enforce their likes and dislikes on their babies so that they may share those in common. Well, my husband and I are no different.

“You’re doing it wrong dad. This is how you beat that dragon.” – Lydia

We’re both pretty geeky people. We’re huge Star Wars fans, we love us some Star Trek and Firefly, and we’re really into games – board games and video games alike. When we met, I was a flight attendant and he happened to be one of the passengers on board. I saw him – gorgeous, no ring on his finger, and he was playing a game on his Nintendo 3DS. Perfect combination. We chatted about video games and other things for a good 25 minutes, and I threw him my name, phone number, and screen name on the PS4 network, Xbox Live, and Steam. 9 months later, we got engaged, married a year and a half later, and here we are – twin parents. Our story is pretty cute, actually. I may write about it all one day.

Anyway, all romance aside, we’ve always had a lot of fun playing all sorts of games together. So, it’s no nobody’s surprise that our wedding ceremony music was made up of the soundtracks to Undertale, To the Moon, and Final Fantasy X. Our cake topper had us holding lightsabers of our corresponding sides (Empire forever, baby), a little Yoda, videogame controllers, and a plane. Our wedding date was May 14th, 2016. We wanted May 4th (May the 4th Be With You day), but it was in the middle of the week, so the 14th had to do. As you can see, we incorporate our geeky into every aspect of our lives.


When we found out we were having twins, we already agreed to name them Luke and Leia if we were having one of each. Since we ended up having two girls, we named them in geeky ways to make up for it. River’s name came from Firefly, her middle name came from a cute and gothic Childrin R Skary video titled “When Genevieve Ruled the World”. Lydia’s first name came from the game Skyrim, and her middle name came from Star Wars Episode VII. Even our dog’s name is geeky – Zelda. Yeah, we’re cool.

As TV became a huge part of keeping the girls entertained, we tried to have baby shows on for them. I won’t name the ones we didn’t like, but we *loved* Sarah and Duck. It really held their attention, and the show’s cute British voice actors and simple animation style made it easy to love. We quickly realized we don’t have the patience for baby shows yet, and since they don’t really understand what’s going on, we don’t care to have them watch any yet. So they’ve watched Lord of the Rings, Star Wars (all movies and the Clone Wars and Rebels series), Harry Potter (all 8), they’re currently loving Star Trek (they seriously watch it), they’ve seen all of Pokemon, and other awesome geeky shows. Baby Einstein episodes on YouTube also hold their attention pretty well and are pretty tolerable.


I started playing video games at age 4, when my dad gifted me a Sega Master System 3. I’m from Brazil, so that’s basically a Sega Genesis in U.S. terms. After a couple of years, my sister and I were gifted a Super Nintendo, and we enjoyed hours and hours playing Donkey Kong Country 3 together while eating cinnamon banana cookies. Those memories will forever stay with us both. Since then, I’ve owned the majority of the recent consoles and have now become a PC gamer as well, you can thank my husband for that. He’s always played games since he can remember as well, so we were clearly meant to be. We’re hoping that exposing our girls to video games and other things we like while they’re growing up will get them to like it all.

They actually like Star Trek.

And if it doesn’t work in our favor… Then we’ll cry at first, but then respect what they do end up liking and support them with their hobbies and such. Isn’t parenthood all about sacrifices? *cries in Klingon*


2 thoughts on “Geeky is Peachy

  1. Yes! Raise nerd babies!

    My husband Miguel says to me recently in a worried voice, “What if… What if our children rebel against us and… aren’t nerds? What if… they like sports?” Oh, heavens forfend! We’ll accept them and still love them… I guess. (Miguel would quote Arrested Development, “Dad I got an A-.” “Son, I love you… minus.”)

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