Oh, Baby!

Being a baby must suck.


Can you imagine having all these feelings and tiny opinions and not being able to express yourself? Can you imagine not being able to express that you’re really hungry, or that you’re beyond sleepy, or that your little gums are ridiculously achy and itchy? Or not being able to tell your parents your twin sister bonked you over the head super hard with the rattling toy, and she won’t stop grabbing your hair or your ears? What about having a million mood changes in two minutes, and laugh-cry, cry-laugh, complain and giggle, scream and laugh? I suddenly feel bad for poor baby Camila almost three decades ago.

River had her tiny opinions
Lydia had even stronger tiny opinions

You can see the little changes kick in and the gears turning in their little heads. One eyebrow might twitch or raise, tiny lips may quiver or curve up, foreheads can scrunch up in a frown or wrinkle up in surprise and awe. One moment, they’re the happiest little beings in the world and having the best time ever, and literally two seconds later they’re screaming and crying, angry because they rolled over (yay!) but can’t pull themselves to crawl or cover any ground (grrr!). Or they roll over and then continue rolling sideways, reaching a stopping point. How dare mom put this nice and fluffy pillow right where this metal elliptical leg sticks out? What the hell is wrong with you, mom, why are you trying to keep me from rolling onto it and potentially harming my tiny little head?! SERIOUSLY, MOM! I’m quite possibly the worst mother there is.

It’s adorable watching all these discoveries and frustrations shape their new mannerisms and overall behavior. It’s not adorable how quickly we’ve been having to add to baby-proofing the house every couple of days. Not even the dog’s tail is safe anymore (sorry, Zelda). It’s also not adorable when the girls decide they both want to scream or cry about the same thing at the same time, in what sounds like a competition of who can be the loudest and get picked up first. They’re also starting to slowly test us and how far they can milk the “if I start crying when mom goes to the kitchen for a few minutes, she’s going to instantly turn around….. or maybe wait a couple of minutes…… or maybe I should get even louder and obnoxious so she’ll think I’m seriously upset…” game, which becomes obvious when I approach said upset babies and get greeted with a smile. You sly little butts.

My favorite River mannerism happens when I get home from work. I open the door and hear her very distinct cry immediately, and I hear the bouncer squeak as she’s violently jumping up and down in a tantrum. I go up half the stairs while she’s still upset, and say “Oh. My. Goodness.” and the tantrum immediately stops. I emerge from the stairs and she stares at me for a solid 3 seconds, and the biggest, brightest smile with the cutest squeak greets me. Instant heart-melt.

My favorite Lydia mannerism is when she is sitting in her bouncy chair while I feed River, and she starts screaming at the TV. Not an angry scream. It’s a “PATRICK STEWART IS ON THE SCREEN AND I’M ODDLY FASCINATES BY HIM” scream. She’ll scream and squeak and try to talk to the TV. And then giggle. It’s seriously adorable (and deafening).

Though they always get happy at the first sight of me, It’s not always fun and games when mommy is home. Just when I think I’m doing the thing that makes them happy for the moment – boom. Tantrum! The majority of their current crankiness is due to teething. We haven’t hit any sleep regressions yet, but we are definitely bracing for those. We have been experiencing bottle rejections and the desire to just chew (or gum) on anything and everything.

Drooly smile by Lydia
Bouncing River

It’s a lot of fun watching them grow into the little people they are, though. Even with all the tantrums. Not only do they sound different from each other, they react differently as well. I can’t wait until they actually talk and express themselves.

…… Actually, no, I can totally wait.


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