“L” is for Lazy Baby

Little miss Lydia Rey has always been the “lazy baby”. Of course, we say this in a loving and joking way. She was always measuring smaller than River while they were floating around in the womb. Her amniotic sac was much smaller than River’s (that was our experience with Stage 0 of TTTS), she was born 8oz and 1in smaller than River, and she took her time coming home from the NICU, taking 11 extra days to be relased. Once home, she was noticeably less active than her sister. As they grew, Lydia was also noticeably behind her sister, which we tossed aside as “normal smaller twin” behavior.

Lydia right after she was born.

On their 4-month checkup with their amazing pediatrician, she brought up calling Early Intervention to come evaluate the girls, especially Lydia. We didn’t think anything about it until a few weeks later. River was babbling and attempting rolls, while Lydia just laid there and watched. We’d put them on their tummies for tummy time and River would thrive while Lydia would put her head down and take a nap. She showed no interest in playing with toys or grabbing my hair, and we decided to make the call.

Tummy time = nap time

They came to our house and evaluated both girls, and River passed with flying colors. Lydia, however, was recommeded for Early Intervention services. Their words were “even though you guys exercise her and show her toys, she doesn’t have any inner motivation to do anything. She’s just lazy.” Haha. Lazy Lydia. Lazy Baby. At first, it made a little sad that she was indeed needing those services but as I thought about it while singing all the papers, I actually became glad to hear that. It confirmed that we weren’t just paranoid that she was falling a little behind, and with weekly visits with a pediatric physical therapy will definitely help her catch on to her sister.

Two days after her evaluation and before her first visit, Lydia rolled. Two days after she learned to roll, she realized she could shake a rattling toy. A few days after that, she figured out she liked being on her tummy and became a little sturdier with her head control. She started to scream (very high pitch), she has recognized that a spoon is different than a bottle, and she’s learned to grab the spoon during feeding (yay). Lazy Lydia has started to become Lively Lydia.

Lively Lydia

Her weekly PT appointments begin on the 23rd. Luckily, they’re all covered by insurance and the state. I’m excited to see what she’ll accomplish and get better at doing with all this support, and I’m so proud my Lazy Baby has started doing things on her own.

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