When the Babies Are Napping

River and Lydia don’t nap together very often but, when they do, it’s downtime for me. Do I wash dishes and risk waking them up with all the noise? No. Do I continue our never-ending Star Trek marathon and enjoy the story? No. I go upstairs and pretend I’m not mommy for however long they decide to zonk out (what do you think is going on right now?).

On good days, they’ll nap about 2 or 3 times each, alternating who’s napping most of the time. Sure, it’s nice taking care of only one baby when that happens, but that also means I’ll be mommying the other baby once this one tires herself out. And that’s ok. I just won’t eat or turn into Flash when I have to pee.

They both have similar cues for nap time. They’ll get a little cranky, River will throw her arms above her head and suck on her little forearm while rolling her eyes back. Lydia will suck on her left thumb and put her right hand on the top of her head and slowly close her squinty eyes. So. Damn. Cute. On rare occasions, like today, Lydia will even accept a pacifier to soother herself to sleep. It’s even cuter when they’re on their Baby Einstein bouncer and bounce themselves to sleep. Of course, after I’m done quietly laughing my butt off, I move them to their little bouncy seats for their short nap.

It’s on days where I take the girls out with me that their unscheduled nap schedules get a little messed up and they get a little crankier than usual. Nothing I do makes them happy, they smile and then go right back to crying, I bounce them the wrong way everytime, and how dare I try to settle them down with their bouncy seats?! Very, very cranky, sleepy babies.

Even with their unscheduled snoozes, I still wake them up every 3 to 4 hours for their bottles. It melts my heart when they’re still sleeping when drinking their milk or when I’m changing their diapers and they’re as limp as a little fishy. They also have had no problems going to bed at 9, without a solid nap during the day or even if they’ve slept for the majority of it. I always have to knock on wood after saying this, but they sleep great. Really hoping for little no sleep regression at all here.

They also have the most angelic faces while napping. It’s very hard to control myself so I’m not smooching them 24/7.

Welp, I do believe I better get some relaxing while they’re snoozing. Wait. I think I just heard one of them. Oh, well. It was nice while it lasted. *puts mommy pants back on*

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