I got home from work on Saturday to two smiling faces with static-looking hair. Lydia was babbling away, saying “mama mama mamama ah mama” and giggling. River was vigorously bouncing on the exersaucer. She suddenly started laughing and screeching. And then, it came out.



Rick and I looked at each other and then back at her. I asked Rick if she’d been saying that all day, and he said “no” with the cutest smile on his face. River said it one more time, and I caught it in camera. Sadly, the music coming from the exersaucer was louder than her adorable voice.

However, when Rick went to feed the girls in the morning the next day, she was repeatedly saying “dada” in her crib, and he was able to capture it on video. Happy. Dad.

Screenshot of River’s video.

So now we have Lydia saying mama and River saying dada. How perfect is that?!

Regarding their development, we’re currently working on them sitting up and propping toys in front of them so they can support themselves. Today is their (hopefully) last eye exam for a while, and we’re pretty sure they’re all fine and dandy. The girls recently had an 8-month checkup, and they’re doing excellent. River is at 14lbs 15oz and Lydia is at 14lbs 10oz. Both of them are 26in long, wearing 6 month clothes.

Who’s a preemie now?

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