Awesome News and Upcoming Changes

I apologize for the nerdy and cheesy picture above.

It’s only been a month since I started this marvelous blogging experience. Often, I write and publish entries in hour-sessions, writing as I think of something to write about, speaking from the heart, and editing words and thoughts to a more polite and docile vocabulary. I’m very thankful I have the opportunity to be open with you about many different aspects of my life, and I appreciate you all taking the time to read my ramblings.

It’s a huge honor to announce that I am now a Contributing Author for Twiniversity, the #1 global support network for parents of multiples. This could not have been achieved without you! My very first article, written entirely for publication on Twiniversity’s website, will be published this coming Saturday, August 26th. I cannot, as per my contract with them, publish the article anywhere else including my personal blog, but I will make sure to put a link to it on here once it gets published. I will do so for every article I write for them.

One upcoming change will be that I am working on getting my own domain in a few days or so. I have made a decision on the domain name, and I’ll note it on my social media and update the link on my Twiniversity bio so my blog can be easily found. Another possible change will be that I include other topics in my blogging, things that are also part of my life and may not be strictly related to motherhood or having twins. I have a couple of things in the works that I may either scrap or attempt. We’ll see.

Thank you so much for all the continuing support and love, and here’s to more awesome articles to come, on both my personal page and Twiniversity!

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