Breaking the Weight Plateau

As previously mentioned, during my post-pregnancy weight loss adventure I reached a dead end about 2 months ago. I had been doing Weight Watchers, counting my points like a madwoman, being committed to logging what I was eating, making sure I gained more than 7 fit points a day, and I weighed myself every week at the same time. I successfully dropped 13 lbs with the program and was eating most of what I wanted to eat, so I didn’t understand why the numbers weren’t dropping. On top of all that, rolling around the house with the girls always kept me active. Was my scale broken?!

While at work one day, I checked our intranet and saw they were accepting applications for a weight loss program called Naturally Slim. It was a free application, and if accepted, work would pay for my enrollment. They claimed it wasn’t a diet, more of a new way of eating and no restrictions on what you can eat. So I sent in an application and actually forgot about it, since I never win anything. Well, I got accepted into the program and got booklets in the mail, created my account in their website and said “why the hell not?”


I watched the videos for week one and was kind of skeptical at their “eat whatever you want but only when you’re truly hungry and eat it slowly” method. But hey, I tried it. What did I have to lose? Well, slap me with bread and call me a sandwich, I lost 4.4 lbs on the first week. I ate pizza, a cheeseburger, pasta, and buffalo wings. While they said to avoid sugar and wine, I did have a cookie at one point and I did have wine twice. However, I have escaped my seemingly inescapable weight plateau, and I have been eating whatever I want. I did have to understand that I’m not hungry when I wake up in the morning, only thirsty. So, I have one or two cups of coffee at around 8am, eat lunch at around 11 or 12, and then eat again by 5. Not only does it normally work with my work schedule, I found out that’s when I’m truly hungry. The only thing I “snack” on are a few salted peanuts when I can’t sit and eat because of delays at work or if I have to feed the girls.

Speaking of the girls… They melt my heart.
We’ll see how week 2 progresses, but since today is Friday and it’s my usual “cheat” day for food, I’ll try to not go overboard. I did have a ginormous cookie from this restaurant at the airport. They’re so hard to resist… And it’s Bitch & Wine night anyway, so double dipping on things I should avoid. Oops.

It’s all good. I deserve it.

Happy and tired Camila
Here’s to 4.4 lbs down, 24.6 lbs left to pre-pregnancy weight! *raises wine glass*

Game of Thrones wine. Beautiful bottle, average taste.

**** No, this is not sponsored in any way by Naturally Slim or Weight Watchers, and this is solely based on my personal experience with weight loss.****

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