32 Looks Really Good

I mean, have you looked at my husband? He’s, like, model-grade handsome.

Not even going to lie, that’s what drew my attention towards him. I remember like it was yesterday – February 27th, 2014. I was a flight attendant for ExpressJet, and my crew members and I volunteered to work a few flights that were going to be canceled due to their crew being stuck in a snowy city. We had so much fun on our 4-day trip, so we figured three extra flights wouldn’t be an inconvenience and, with snow everywhere, it’d prevent passengers from getting stuck. So, with crew scheduling’s unusual blessing, we worked the Chicago-Dayton, Dayton-Cleveland, and Cleveland-Kansas City segments. We arrived in Dayton and were boarding our passengers enroute to Cleveland, and I unknowingly greeted my soon-to-be-met husband. As usual, I cracked some (baaaaad) jokes on the PA system in the aircraft, and informed the passengers that since this was only a 25-minute flight, there’d be no beverage service. We took off and I started wandering around the cabin, chatting with a few commuting crew members here and there. Then, I saw him.

He was sitting in 19A, playing his Nintendo 3DS, being his handsome self. Perfect. Not only was he a sight for sore eyes, he was also a gamer. I pulled up my skirt, fluffed my hair, put my hands on the overhead compartments above his seat, and asked “Hey, what are you playing?”

He blinked twice and said “Uh…”, and I looked at his screen.

“Oh! Is that a Final Fantasy game?!” I asked, trying to not sound as high-pitched as I remember. He looked at me and then his screen, then back at me.

“Yeah, it’s called Bravely Default. Are you a gamer?”

And this, River and Lydia, is how I met your dad. By the end of our interaction, I had an “it’s now or never” moment, and I proceeded to rip out part of my final paperwork handed to me by the agent in Dayton and write down my name, phone number,  email, and screen name on Steam, my Xbox, and the PlayStation Network. Five minutes after he got off my plane, he texted me, and we never stopped talking.

Us at our first dates.

I had no clue I’d meet the love of my life on that flight. I honestly didn’t put much faith in our relationship in the beginning, especially since it was long-distance (I lived in Houston, TX and he lived in Rochester, NY) and I had my share of awful luck with a previous engagement and a few relationships afterwards. But we stuck it out, made time to go visit each other, and here we are – married and with two beautiful babies a mere three and a half years later.

Rick and his mini-mes.

Today is Rick’s birthday, so join me in wishing my very quiet husband a loud and obnoxious happy birthday!

I know you read my blogs, Rick, so this ones for you. I love you, and thank you so much for being an awesome husband and father to our little girls.

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