Camila, Mother of Twins, Your Favorite Weirdo

That feels like the intro title of Daenerys from Game of Thrones. Might as well be.

I have so many things going through my mind right now, it’s hard to focus on just one of them to write about. Yes, we can absolutely blame it on the wine, 3 hours of sleep before my 4am shift earlier this morning, and then a full day of fun with River and Lydia with a visit from my work wife, Krystina. She gets married to her actual soon-to-be husband in 32 days. Can’t wait!

I was writing my second article for Twiniversity today (still can’t get over the fact I write for them now), and it made me realize how much I love having twins. It was nothing mind-blowing, it was just an “I can’t imagine just having one baby and I wouldn’t trade this for anything” moment. River and Lydia are doing some steady progress with sitting up, keeping their balance (Lydia does so much better than River), reaching for things while on their tummy and backs, and they have been insanely vocal. It’s always a party at our house with these two. And I mean it – hard times in all aspects of life and all, I’d never, ever trade having twins for anything else in the world.

So, since this is kind of a clusterfuck-of-thoughts post, why not just list things off the top of my head?

Rick and I had an amazing date this past Wednesday night at an excellent restaurant, Branca. We originally planned on going last Saturday night for his birthday, but because no relationship is perfect and arguments don’t take a day off, even for birthdays, a last-minute change of plans occurred. We had a blast – ate some delicious food, had some delectable drinks, and excellent conversations between the two of us and with the bartenders. We even stopped back at the bar after dinner to talk about Game of Thrones theories.

Speaking of Game of Thrones, is it 2019 yet?! I guess my heart will have to go on while I watch Stranger Things 2, the second season of Travelers, finish up Star Trek: the Next Generation and start on the next one, and rewatch Westworld before season two comes out next year. I refuse to go back to The Walking Dead, though. That show died a while ago and refuses to let go. Ugh. Killing me here.

Also, speaking of Star Trek, I’m very glad I decided to rewatch it. I apparently used to love it when I was little, but after my dad showed me Star Wars, I completely switched gears. Well, I am catching up on it all lately, got my course set to 440, warp 6.


River and Lydia are such good babies.

This wine is also pretty good. Cabernet Sauvignon, by Dark Horse. $8.96 a bottle!

Rick and I were talking about going for baby number 3 in about 3 years, and we are aware that a few things could happen:

  1. We could very well have twins again
  2. I could automatically be a high-risk pregnancy due to previous premature labor at 28 weeks
  3. We could end up with 4 kids after 2 pregnancies
  4. We’re going to need a bigger house
  5. We’re going to have to think about me staying home full-time if we end up with another set of twins
  6. Rick will cry if it’s twins again

You all know a lot about Mom Camila, but you don’t really know much about pre-babies Camila. I was born in the city of Guarulhos, in the state of São Paulo, Brazil. We lived a really good life down there, all-time high in crimes aside, and we were really close to our huge family (we’re Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. Huge family). A little less than two months after the tragedy of September 11th happened, our family was cleared to immigrate up to the US of A, and so we went. I was 12, became a little rebellious, and did a lot of stupid shit. My sister and I got a little bullied in school until we got the hang of it, and we went on very different paths (Carolina was a cute cheerleader, I was one of the goth wannabe kids who hung out in front of the library and in front of the art classroom). As previously stated, I did a lot of stupid shit in my young age, and it all caught up to me eventually. As soon as I entered college in 2008, I met this dude (let’s call him A for asshole), and we started dating. Things got pretty serious, I ended up moving in with him, we unfortunately got engaged, and that is how I wasted almost 5 years of my life. After A, I dated a couple of nice guys, regrettably broke their hearts, moved to Texas, and became a flight attendant. Enter Rick. You know how that ended up. I’m very happy with who I am right now, you wouldn’t have liked me back then.

I’m a little hungry, but my energy meter is a lot lower (picture the meters in The Sims).

Rick went to Wegmans to buy groceries after we put the girls to bed, and I miss going grocery shopping with him at night. My favorite moment was, before babies, when we had run out of seltzer water and we were really thirsty. We decided to go get some right then, at 11pm, because “we’re adults”. Yep, Zelda got to go with us too, but she hung out in the car. It wasn’t in the summer and we were in and out, so no need to pass your judgement here.

879 words. About nothing specific.

I wish I didn’t have to go to work tomorrow. I miss staying home with the babies, and it’s a whole different ball game now. They’re older, more fun, and they interact with each other and toys in a completely awesome way.

The grass isn’t always greener on the other side. It’s green where you water it.

Well, I think I’ve wasted enough of your time for tonight. Thank you for allowing this random “thought dump”, and for caring to read what I write. It’s always nice to know that someone is listening, even when I don’t have anything of real importance to talk about.

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