I’m Supposed to be Sleeping Right Now

We had a crazy-busy, fun-filled weekend. The kind of weekend I wish I could have all the time. I promise I’ll write all about it tomorrow. I’ve also been working a lot, and I’m supposed to be up in about 4 hours for a morning shift. 


I blame my lack of desire to sleep on the urge I have to just stare at pictures of the girls. More and more, I find my heart stays home with them when I leave the house for work. I miss them so much during the day. 

Today was no exception, and at one point during my 14-hour work day, I made two slideshows of pictures from when they were born and around 2lbs each to now, 9 months later and at 15lbs each. 

The songs are pretty catchy, too. 

Enjoy. I gotta take some melatonin for sleep to happen tonight. 

Ps.: I do hope these videos play. This is kind of glitching on me right now, and I’m too tired to investigate further. 

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