I had to take the day off from work today because Emerson tore muscles in his back and can’t care for the girls until Monday, so I found myself in a little pickle – we had no food in the house. Sure, the girls have their snacks, baby food, cereal, and formula, but I need a different kind of nourishment (trust me, I love baby food, but I need adult food).

So, while feeding the girls and taking care of them this morning, I split up my groceries – I used this awesome app called Instacart to order a list of groceries from Wegmans for the first time, and those groceries would be delivered to me in a one-hour window of my choice. Whatever I don’t get at Wegmans, I set aside and prepped myself (mentally and physically) for a potential disastrous trip to Target and another store with the girls. Yep. Just me and the girls, going out for groceries, for the first time. I tried to not overthink things like I normally do, but I was prepared for the apocalypse (poopocalyspe included).

My biggest indecision was whether to use the double stroller and drag along a cart or try to have them sit in the double carriage carts I’ve seen at Target. After brainstorming with a few mom friends on Facebook the night before, I decided I’d try the cart. I had disinfectant wipes, pacifier wipes for toys I brought to keep their little hands and mouths busy, diapers, a different outfit each, and I set out on this adventure.

As soon as I arrived at Target, I started looking around the cart drop-off locations, scouting for the double carriage ones. I found one, with a parking spot right next to it. Score! So I parked, got out of the car, and started the disinfecting ritual. Everything got wiped – the seat, the straps, the arm rests, the back rest, the part where they’d be dangling their feet from, the handle. I got Lydia out of the car seat and plopped her little butt on the cart, and she sat up straight as a board. I was talking to her while adjusting the straps, her little hands all over my face. Once she was secured, I stuffed a blanket my aunt made them in between her little body and the straps, just to make sure she was snug and not going anywhere. Lydia was all smiles as the wind blew on her tiny face. I quickly sprinted to the other side of the car and got River out, who had a very confused expression as she woke up from her little car nap. I plopped her down and went through the same strapping-and-blanket-stuffing ritual, and she slouched a little bit. But not enough for me to worry.

We were ready.


Thank you for having these, Target!


I giggled as the girls stared at cars, tried to talk to the air, and as strangers smiled and said “aww” at them, the girls smiling in return. The Starbucks lady almost had an aneurism when I walked in with both girls sitting and smiling, and so we had to stop so she could get it out of her system. “Are they twins?!” No. I totally stole someone else’s baby who happens to look like mine. “Are they two girls?!” No, I dressed them both in pink and white with a pink blanket because I love confusing everyone and having them guess. “You sure have your hands full!” No shit, Sherlock. Can I start my shopping, please?! I’m already anxious as hell about this and I’m on a time crunch because things will be delivered to my house. “You don’t look like you had twins, you look great!” Thanks! … But how else were you expecting a twin mom to look?!

I really didn’t miss all the attention. Lately, I’d been able to get by with them half hidden in the stroller, but now that they were out in the open and looking around, there was no stopping the circus audience. Especially because they smiled and tried to talk to everyone who noticed them, aka the entire store. I thought it was cute that they were responding to complete strangers, so I relaxed a bit.


After all the baby-gear shopping was done, I realized Target probably has all the other things I don’t buy at Wegmans. I was right. So, instead of doing two trips, we only did (a very expensive) one. The girls were very excited about Halloween decorations, the freezer, and another baby passing by. They behaved so freaking well that I rewarded them with cute new pajamas and socks (and so it begins). They didn’t fuss, they held hands, they looked up at me to smile and make sure I was still there, and they were pretty happy. Even when we got home, they ate and passed right out.

Wait. They’re napping. The Instacart shopper is coming soon. Zelda will bark. Oh, no.

WAIT. All was good. I was able to chat with my shopper and I let him know the girls were napping and our dog loves to bark, so I asked him to leave the grocery bags in the garage to minimize the chance of Zelda feeling like a superdog.

And it worked. He dropped everything off so quietly, I didn’t notice it until my app pinged me. No barking. Babies still napping. Groceries in the house. Wheat Thins in my mouth. Things put away. Day saved.

I call this a win. A twin mom, grocery shopping, baby nap win.



*** This is not sponsored by Instacart, Target, or Wegmans.***



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