10 Months Old

The girls are bathed, dressed in their new jammies, and ready to take pic– aaaaand River just took a glorious crap.

Lydia is starting to get adventurous. River is the one being lazy now.

My world is filled with “dada”, “mama”, “nene”, and random screaming and cooing. They open their mouths wide for food now, and are now able to pick up their puffs and yogurt snacks and attempt to put them in their mouths.

They love it when I gently scare them, they hate it when I leave the room.

They are amazing, adorable, a handful, and covered by drool.

They are 10 months old. 7 months, corrected.

I’m 10 months tired, with bags under my eyes, heavier, with a different sense in humor and worries. Don’t ask me how many times I’ve shaved my legs or how long it’s been since I got my hair cut. I’ve had 10 months of amazing, unconditional love, laughs, cries, high ups and low downs, 10 months of a completely different life.

Best 10 months I’ve ever had the pleasure of living.


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