I Hate Naptime


Yes, I do. 

You might think I’m weird – who doesn’t love it when their little ones, especially twins, take a nice little nap, giving mom a much needed break and recharging their little selves? Me. This mom right here. Why? Simple answer. 


I have intense anxiety when it comes to their napping schedule. I have so much that I’d like to be able to do while they’re catching some Z’s, but I am terrified of waking them up or of them waking up by themselves, cutting my precious “me” time short. Especially since we started transitioning the girls to nap in their cribs instead of the ever-soothing bouncy chair. They’re getting too big for those, and I want to break that habit while they’re still only 10 months old. 

Holy shit. It’s the 18th. They’re 10 months old today. Where. Has. The time. Gone?!

Add another pile to the stress list – I have to make sure I take pictures of them with that stupid 10 month sticker after their baths, with the new Halloween-themed jammies I just got them. Not that the sticker is stupid, but the things we as parents do to celebrate little (but important) milestones and dates can get out of control pretty easily. Take first birthdays for example – in the Brazilian culture, it’s a huge party, quincinera style. 

Holy shit. They’ll be turning one in two months

What the fuck?!

I need a paper bag to hyperventilate into, stat. Of course, we’ll be getting them little cakes for them to smash, but we still have time to plan the little details. Or do we? Am I procrastinating?

One of the girls started whining in her crib. 

Why? Why?!

WAIT. It’s only the low volume of the TIE Fighters coming from Star Wars on the TV down here. Good grief, my heart. 

Anxiety on maximum level right now. 

I fucking hate naptime. 

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