Camila, Head Baby Scheduler

If I were to write that as a job on my resume, would it help show that I have organizational skills beyond measurement? Hmm. I will consider doing so.


Our girls have been on a schedule ever since they were born. They were in a very strict and perfect one in the NICU, in which they “ate” every 2 hours at first, then every 3 hours once they starting gaining good weight and got a little bigger. When they came home, we continued with the schedule and, as they grew, starteed to improvise. Sure, when they were still “newborns” at 2 months old and recently home, they had a mind of their own. Growth spurts, soothing bottles, never napping at the same time – it was a very organized chaos. Organized because we anticipated that and prepared accordingly. But, as they’re getting older, our feeding schedule has worked great, we’re able to incorporate their pediatrician’s orders little by little, and the newly enforced napping schedule is as well.


Napping babies


Here’s a glimpse at our day when we don’t go anywhere and their naps are not interrupted.

7 am

The girls wake up. We change them, bring them downstairs, and let them play and take in the distracting factors for about 10 minutes before giving them a bottle. Then, they drink 5oz.


The girls eat a nice bowl of oatmeal or a yummy mix I’ve made lately – banana cereal mixed with blueberry and apple flavored whole wheat cereal and half a fruit jar in each bowl. It’s quite a hit.


The girls start rubbing their eyes and becoming whiny – it’s the cue! Naptime bottle – 5oz each, and then cribs by noon or 12:30pm.


The girls wake up from their nap at around 2:30pm, but I let them take in the fact they’re awake and serve them lunch – baby food goodness. They usually have a container and a half each.


Depending on how the day is going, it’s either a bottle or dinner time, baby food. If I do baby food, I usually load it up with some more cereal, because of iron and hey, babies don’t know what’s supposed to be mixed together or not.


This is the last bottle of the day. They usually drain it and quickly fall asleep afterwards (or during it). 5 to 6oz.


Of course, there are always variations. They don’t always nap for that long, and that’s fine. We often go out and take them out, which kind of throws their long nap off. When that happens, improvisation is our best friend. As long as they’re fed and take a 5 to 30 minute nap every so often, they’re happy. Happy babies, happy parents.

The girls are currently napping in their cribs, one snuggling Baby Mario and the other snuggling a pink dolphin. I’ve folded and put away laundry, made myself food, and am now relaxing. I can do this. This is totally doable.

I’m doing it, y’all.

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