Nerd Post Alert

So, that is totally not me taking a nap on the grass while wearing weird clothes and holding an axe. Bare with me, I can totally explain.

Alright. This is an entry that I’ve wanted to do for a long time but had reservations about doing so. Why? Because even though I blog about almost every aspect of my and my family’s life, we still like to keep some things private for a variety of reasons. And because I don’t want to be judged for the nerd that I am – and consequently, the nerd my husband is, too.

But, alas, let us briefly talk about LARP.

Last warning for extreme nerdiness.

So, what is LARP? Live action role playing is, in lame-man terms and in a nutshell, basically dressing up and playing a role-playing game (RPG) in person, staying in character for the duration of the game. Our rather large group meets up once a month, and we play from a friday night until saturday night. There are many different kinds of LARP – vampire, post-apocalyptic, zombie apocalypse, medieval, Harry Potter-like. Ours takes place in a medieval setting, with different races, awesome-looking monsters (we have the best makeup team EVER), a magic system in place, a variety of main and non-playable characters and, most importantly, a very tightly knit group.

So how did we get into it in the first place?

Rick has been playing for almost 10 years. Back when he had moved to Rochester, he met a few new friends while looking for possible tabletop gaming buddies, and they told him all about it. After making plans to attend his first event in the month of September, he was casually talking about it with a few friends from college when he realized they were all actually players in the game. He attended his first event and the rest is history. Years later, when we started dating, he finally spilled the beans about it one night, saying he didn’t know how to bring it up. I remember like it was yesterday – I stared at him through the windows of his soul and asked him, “WHY HAVE YOU NEVER TOLD ME ABOUT THIS?! And can I come with you?!”

Me and Rick at my very first LARP event in 2014
The name of our group is Kingdoms of Novitas. I have my main character (Drea Marianus), I play a crazy innkeeper (Ingrid), and I also spend a shift and a half out of four running around as whatever kind of non-playable character is needed (be it a screaming woman in distress, a corpse on the road, a monster, someone’s little sister, a ghost). Rick’s main character is Dren Ollevres, and he also plays whatever non-playable character is needed for two shifts.

We run around our town, which is an awesome camp area that our group rents, interact and solve problems with other characters, beat each other up with latex-covered foam weapons, eat good food, and most importantly, we have fun. I haven’t been able to attend in over a year, and the last time I went I was 17 weeks pregnant with our twins. The best part about going to KoN is that it gives us an opportunity to let go of our daily stress and duties, gives us a chance to focus on something completely different for a couple of days, and we have made amazing friends for life. Nothing better than meeting up with friends for brunch at the local diner Sunday after game, talking about our personal highlights and favorite moments of the weekend.

Speaking of awesome friends – check out the photoshop goodness that two of them made out of my original, silly picture in the snow.
So, without getting into too much detail and making this an 8-page paper on why I love LARP so much, this is it in a nutshell. I truly cannot wait for November 10th and 11th. We’re going to be exhausted afterwards, but it’ll be absolutely worth it.

And now you know – I am not just a hardworking mom of twins, but a badass twin mom who can take you out Gimli style in the battlefield.

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