Happy Halloween and Prematurity Awareness Month

River and Lydia had their very first Halloween fun yesterday. The girls were dressed as Starfleet Captain River and Starfleet Doctor Lydia, from their very own ship – the USS Gemini (see what I did there?). 

Aren’t they precious?!

Rick had to work, so I took the girls to the Strong Museum of Play, where they were having Halloween funsies for kids, and we hung out with our friends Charles and Rebecca and their little one, Georgia, and Caroline and her almost-one-year-old Rowenna. They had a little dance party, in which River and Lydia took part in by bouncing on the floor to music and wiggling in their stroller-I mean ship. They were so good, I was even able to feed them oatmeal one at a time! 

After such a fun time, we went back home and the rest of the day went as usual – change, feed, burp, play, and then nap at different schedules. 

But, holy shit, it felt amazing to go out and see friends. It was even more amazing because we are all parents, so there was no need for the constant “sorry, I have to feed her first” or “sorry, I can’t do that right now because babies”. It felt so good to be understood and still enjoy myself. 

I did see a few twin parents, one of which high-fived me because this is super hard, and two kept telling me it gets better after the first year. I giggle at that for two reasons: for one, River and Lydia are already great, they’re just babies. And secondly, when’s their year mark – their first birthday or when they developmentally reach one-year-old status in March? Haha. Oh, the joys of prematurity. 

Speaking of prematurity, November is Prematurity Awareness Month. It’s easy to forget that they went through a lot and yet are possibly the best outlook for preemie babies – no surgeries, no life-threatening issues. This isn’t how it goes for a lot of families with early presents (aka, preemies), and there’s much research to be done in order to cut the numbers of premature birth in half. That’s where March of Dimes comes in. 

Please consider donating – and walking, too if you can, we had way too much fun last year – to any March of Dimes team. It all goes towards research and caring for premature babies. Feel free to check out the page I’ve been running since last year for our girls – and we raised well over $2,000 last year! Imagine how much more we can raise this year for this amazing cause. Click here to check it out, and thank you!

Now, it’s time for me and Rick to continue with our Stranger Things 2 marathon because the girls are sleeping. We need the down time – he’s been working a lot and I have been juggling work and writing A Blog of Thrones articles. I still can’t believe I’ve had the opportunity to do that. 

Obsessing over Game of Thrones doesn’t seem so silly now, does it? Eh? 

Good night, y’all. 

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