Well, There You Go

I wrote the previous entry while at work, feeling anxious about everything I wrote about. 

So, here’s an update. 

I came home from work, we fed the babies oatmeal and yogurt (baby yogurt, don’t freak on me), and we put them on the floor to play before bed. Well, miss Lydia decided to lunge at my crossed legs for support and she freaking stood up. Rick and I exchanged “wtf?!” looks and I sat her back down. She did it again. 

I curiously put her back on her butt a foot away from me, and she instantly lunged forward on all fours. She kept looking down, staring at her drool hit the carpet (we assumed she was “thinking”), and then she hilariously started flailing her little arms and legs, like a fish out of water. She was trying to move. She is figuring it out. I wish I had taken a picture. 

Meanwhile, River was just sitting and laughing at her sister. What a champ. 

Well, 9pm hit and we put our wide-awake babies in their cribs. You know you have great babies when they lay there without a peep and fall asleep, even with horrendous thunder and lightning outside. 

We’re lucky to be their parents. 

We’re doing ok. They’re doing ok. 

Maybe I can keep calm now after all. 

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