The Best Monday Ever

Rick and I don’t have days off together. We don’t really see each other much, other than the first couple of frantic hours in the morning and then in the evening. But, because it’s thanksgiving week, we get to spend two lovely days at home with the girls, together.

Though it didn’t start off the best way possible (toss it up it to this overwhelming depressive episode I’m currently stuck in and maybe some fatherly selfishness earlier in the day), it did get a lot better as the day progressed. The girls napped for an hour and a half, the four of us managed to half-watch the new Beauty and the Beast (and I proceeded to sing every song in it opera-style, Rick is still somehow married to me), and the girls discovered their love for mega blocks and two Sega Genesis controllers. Their attention was taken up so well by those items, we had a tantrum-free hour or so, where the girls played together and smacked blocks against each other loudly.

But the coolest thing also happened today. I got a call from our local March of Dimes leader, and she asked if she could stop by to deliver a plaque. Turns out that, when we were raising money for the March for Babies Walk back in May, we ended up being the 4th Top Family Team in Rochester, with $2469 donated to this wonderful organization. I don’t feel like we deserve the plaque, but the people who do are those who donated to our team – a few friends and our LARP community. That’s right, our nerdy friends raised over $2000 during an event, completely surprising the daylights out of us. Family Team, indeed.

The most amazing part was being asked if we as a family were interested in becoming ambassadors for the March of Dimes foundation, telling our story, promoting the cause, and even having River and Lydia run around on stage during events. That’s an amazing opportunity to meet and bond with other NICU parents, network, and provide comfort for those parents who are currently dealing with a NICU stay or developmental issues due to Prematurity. It’s so humbling.

Now, the girls are on their second crib nap of the day (we’re pretty weirded out) and I just made dinner – chicken carbonara. Rick is playing a South Park videogame (I think it’s Fractured But Whole) (I have no comments) (I’m trying not to laugh too loudly), and I’m just hanging out, quietly and reluctantly going over all the stress we’ve put aside today because my brain never stops. But I think I’ll pull the e-break on it now. We can think about it all tomorrow.

This is the best Monday ever.

In honor of Prematurity Awareness Month, here’s a link to my March of Dimes team. We’ll be walking again on May 19th, in Rochester NY. Feel free to join us, or donate if you can! Click here to go to Team River and Lydia’s page.

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