Turkey Day, Road Trips, and the Girls

Ugh. My least favorite time of the year – the holidays.

Yes. You read that right.

Those of you who actually know me in real life can attest that I am in no way a Christmas-time person. It’s too commercialized, too much pressure to “be happy because it’s Christmas time”, too much tip-toeing around so you don’t hurt people’s feelings with your plans or lack thereof… It’s just too much.

But I digress… Thanksgiving was pretty fun.

Rick had the week off, so after spending two great days together with the girls, I went to work on Wednesday as the three of them drove up to Chittenango, to my in-laws. I worked, went home, packed, and Zelda and I made our way up there, arriving by 10:30pm. Fun fact – it takes approximately five sips of a Starbucks Venti Vanilla Latte (with 8 pumps of vanilla, the same drink I’ve enjoyed since my high school bestie Kassy worked there) for me to think I can sing like Adele. I felt bad for the dog.

The next day was a blast – the girls wore adorable outfits that actually stayed clean (it’s the little victories in life), they ate stuffing, mashed potatoes with gravy, a little bit of turkey, and cranberries – and they LOVED it – and we got to spend time with the family. I’m pretty sure Lydia gained 2lbs because of how much stuffing she insisted on eating.

Friday was rush-to-work day, because I had completely forgotten I had agreed to come in an hour and a half earlier to help a friend out. So I did about 80 and 85 mph on the thruway and made it in less than 2 hours. It was the first night I spent completely alone in a long time, I think three years. No dog, no husband, no babies. I had to be at work from 4am until 8pm the next day and Rick stayed with his parents one more night, so I got off work, chopped about 8 inches off my hair (FEELS SO FUCKING GREAT) and made it a not-so-short angled bob (I wish I had gone shorter with it), went grocery shopping for the week (long live Aldi), and vacuumed the house. I ended up going to bed at around 10:30pm and getting up four hours later, but it was absolutely worth it.

We’ve had awesome improvements with the girls’ developmental skills – they are now trying to stand up from sitting, trying to keep themselves up on reachable and sturdy items and furniture, and their creepy crawling is getting better. Except River has been going in reverse. We call it… backflow. Haha.

Now, the tiny toys are being replaced with a diaper box and a short tote full of things to keep it in place, the bouncy chairs are no longer being used, and they nap in their cribs only. Things are changing. While it’s a little easier, it’s also a little harder. We can hardly turn around for 5 seconds, we constantly have to move things around make sure there’s nothing on the floor that shouldn’t be there, but we no longer spend $400 a month on formula. They’re eating more solids, drinking less bottles. That has been great, and they seem heavier and bigger everyday.

They’ll be one in less than 3 weeks. It’s crazy how fast times has passed.

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