The Disaster Week

This week has been insane.

Around Monday afternoon, I started feeling nauseous and had plenty of visits to the bathroom. I was hoping it was food poisoning or something like that, but I found out the next day that it wasn’t.

These outfits never stood a chance. 

Tuesday started as any day does here – happy girls, in cute outfits, doing cute baby things. I had been in the kitchen doing dishes when I went to check on them. It looked like River had thrown up a little bit, so I went back to grab things to clean the carpet and a new outfit for her. However, when I came back down, I noticed my innocent mistake. She hadn’t thrown up.

River had shat so hard, it came out of her diaper, up and out of her pants onto her whole outfit, toys, carpet, playing blanket, her bib, face and hands, and on Lydia’s outfit, hands, face, and bib. And their mouths. And lo and behold, Zelda (our pup) decided it was snack time and ate some off the carpet.

Yes. I screamed. Not out of anger, just surprise. Both girls innocently stared at me, not understanding why I was so flabbergasted, with shit all over themselves. Took me a little over an hour to clean everything, bathe the girls, clean the carpet, and get the smell of feces out of my house.

Shortly after that, River began violently refusing bottles and only eating a little bit of food. Lydia also pooped up a storm, and started to drink less and less. They slept like crap, I felt like crap, and Rick was starting to feel like crap.

A stomach bug was upon us all.

Wednesday was a fight to keep food down for my husband and me, as we both felt like death and were really tired. Luckily, Rick’s dad came to the rescue and drove 2 hours in the snow to spend all day with us. The girls were perky, but still not eating anything but yogurt and eggs.

Grandpa Joe to the rescue!

Thursday went a little better – Rick and I were able to actually eat more than once and Rick’s mom drove in the snow and hung out with us for the day. Rick and I were still VIP visitors of the bathroom, but the girls were doing much better and starting drinking again, and their poop color was going back to normal (the joys of parenthood – you become a poop analyst).

Lots of hugs for Grandma Terri.

This lovely morning, I woke up better. I was actually famished. Rick also felt a little better, and the girls are eating like normal. Everything was fine and dandy, until I decided to wear my exceptionally long sweatpants and go down the stairs while putting a shirt on.

I don’t remember what I was thinking, only that one second I was fine and the next I couldn’t talk or breathe.

As it turns out, I slipped and fell going down the stairs, smashing my lower back on the steps, my left arm on the lower rail, and tensing up so badly that I felt like I had hit my head and neck. Rick ran from the kitchen and made sure I was ok, the girls were making concerned “Ehh?” sounds in their playpen, and I was seeing stars.

I cannot imagine how I’d feel if I had been holding one of the girls when I fell. Thankfully, I wasn’t.

Now, I’m sitting stiff as a board, in pain but keeping a happy face so the girls won’t fuss. They’re currently napping. I’m rewatching The Force Awakens like it’s going out of style – we preordered tickets for The Last Jedi two months ago, and we go tonight. My parents are on a plane leaving their Washington-Dulles connection, making their way here. I have a new Starbucks mug and coffee.

Thank the Universe it’s Friday.

On a fun note, I did take the girls out on our deck for about 30 seconds each because it was so cold. They reacted to snow differently, as you can see.

There are two different kinds of babies.

We are having the girls’ first birthday party tomorrow, two days before their birthday.

They’re not kidding when they say time goes by super fast!

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