New Year, New Routine

Wooo! 2018!

It’s ten days into the new year and I’m just now having time to sit down and type away. If that tells you anything about my year so far, then I guess I don’t have to apologize. Right?

So… what all is new?

River and Lydia are absolutely loving daycare. Putting them in an in-home daycare was seriously the best decision we could have made – it’s about half the cost of a daycare facility (yes, the ladies are NYS licensed and certified, with CPR certification and a long history of child and elderly care), 9 minutes from our house, and less kids to worry about. Their little faces light up when we go inside, and the ladies can already tell who’s who – it’s crazy. Two of the women are fraternal twins, and they along with another one of their sisters and their mother run the place. They’re super sweet, send me videos and pictures of the girls, and I can tell that they care about them. The girls come home happy. What else could I have ever wanted?!

I’m going back to full-time at work, as a temporary supervisor yet again. The money is great, and now that we can drop the girls off at the daycare as early as 6am, there’s no problem with me getting ready or leaving work late. Speaking of work, things have been insane. Cancellations after cancellations, delays, angry passengers, working short-staffed, annoying weather inconveniences… It’s that lovely season of the year. Winter sucks. This one especially, it has been FREEZING!! Much colder than the last 3 winters I’ve had up here in Rochester, and I hope it doesn’t get colder than this once February rolls around. Brr.

River and Lydia have had a rough start to this year – they both have ear infections on their right ear. Must be a twin thing. But still, they’re ridiculously happy and perky, and the only reason we even fund out about their infections was because they both spiked up to 103 temperatures out of the blue. Thankfully, they’ve been fever-free ever since starting their antibiotics and they’re carrying on with their one-year-old selves. They no longer need iron supplements and they have started drinking whole milk, and they love it. We’re on our fourth gallon bottle this week. Thank the Universe it’s much, much cheaper than formula!

The girls have two very pronounced teeth each, and they’re loving experimenting with solids – eggs, grilled cheese, pizza, pasta… It’s amazing. They’ve each gained weight since their checkup on December 22nd, River gaining a whole pound and Lydia 7oz. River now knows how to drink from a sippy cup and loves it, Lydia is just now figuring it out. Both have been pulling themselves up to stand and letting go, standing by themselves for up to 15 seconds at a time. They’re going to be walking soon. I give it another month. I have to mentally prepare.

Things have been nuts at our house, but we started the new year with love and care, and Rick and I are working on making our marriage even better. We’re working on issues together, we’re taking care of each other, and we’re enjoying each other’s presence even more. Marriage is hard work – especially when you add kids to the mix! Don’t ever let anyone else tell you otherwise.

Rick is beyond sweet, and he got me a tiny netbook/tablet so that I could write on the go. My laptop is huge and heavy, but this little thing fits in my work purse and is super light – absolutely perfect! I’m so lucky to have someone who supports my hobbies and side writing gigs, and this will only make it easier to get this going. He’s so sweet.

Well, I have some more straightening out to do before I pick the girls up at daycare. I had the whole day off to myself, for the first time in over a year. This was amazing. I do have Monday off to myself again next week, and boy-oh-boy am I excited for it. I need to be able to relax more, get in touch with myself. Clean the house. Did half today, the other half gets done Monday!

I hope you all had an excellent Christmas and New Year, and that 2018 is treating you better than 2017 ever did.

2 thoughts on “New Year, New Routine

  1. Camila,
    You have to write a book! You are so good with words!!!! Congrats for all the texts written!!! I really enjoyed it!!!! Just keep on it, writing and writing and writing!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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