Hello Again, Golisano Children’s Hospital

It was a normal day, except I had the day off and the girls ventured off to daycare and Rick went to work, leaving me home alone. It was great. I relaxed, folded tons of laundry, and rewatched Game of Thrones.

It was going great, until one of the girls from daycare told me River had started breathing heavily and wheezing.

I picked them up and sure enough, River looked and sounded awful. She was breathing way too hard, retracting, and she was pale with pale lips. I rushed home and gave her a nebulizer treatment, which only helped the wheezing. I made the decision to take her to the hospital as soon as Rick got home. I left Lydia at home with him and took off. I’m beyond glad I did that.

When we got to Strong’s pediatric ER, our amazing friend Sue was waiting for me there. We got checked in and they started treating her immediately. Her oxygen levels were below 88, but with two consecutive breathing treatments and an IV full of steroids, her levels quickly went back up. She was able to drain a whole bottle (thank you pediatric ER for having plastic and disposable bottles and whole milk, because no one plans for ER trips), they ordered her amoxicillin for her ear infection (because I forgot to give her a second dose since I rushed out of the house), did tests on her, put an IV on her tiny arm, and she had another bottle. She’s been sleeping for the last two hours, coughing here and there.

She doesn’t have RSV or the flu, just two viruses that cause the common cold. Because she needs breathing treatments every two hours, they’re admitting her for observation and those treatments, and we should hopefully go home tomorrow (or today, it’s after midnight). So, here we sit, in our tiny ER room, waiting to be moved to the Golisano Children’s Hospital tower.

Since arriving here, I’ve been fighting back tears and having a lot of anxiety and flashbacks. The same beeps from the NICU, the same oxygen monitor on her little toe, the same kind of bed I sat on for 2 and a half days while trying to avoid giving birth at 28 weeks and ultimately failing, the same hospital in which the girls were born. I’m glad we have such an excellent hospital 20 minutes from our house, but I wasn’t mentally prepared to go there like I am for their developmental and eye appointments.

I’m hoping we can go to our private room soon, and I really would like to nap while she’s sleeping. She’s sleeping with the same blanket she used to snuggle on me with in the NICU.

I will post an update when I have one.

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