And We’re Home!

Yes, we are home!

River had a much better night last night, in our private room at the Golisano Children’s Hospital tower. Her breathing is slowly going back to normal, she’s eating normally and drinking well.

She’s to continue breathing treatments every 4 hours at home until told otherwise, and she seems to have a developing case of croup. Doctor appointment coming up on Friday. One thing after another for this little baby… I feel so bad. She should be able to stop taking antibiotics for her ear infection tomorrow, which is music to my ears. She’s still pretty congested and has a nasty cough.

Lydia so far seems super healthy, no signs of anything whatsoever, and her last antibiotic dose for her infection is tonight. The plan is to keep the girls as separated as we can, so Lydia will be going to daycare tomorrow and Friday (so thankful for their last-minute accommodation) and I’ll be home with River, administering her breathing treatments and such.

Thankful to my work wife Krystina and her husband Brian for coming up and seeing us last night, and for all the food and clean clothes they brought me. I don’t deserve their friendship.

River is currently napping and I gave her breathing treatments while she was asleep, which should hopefully keep her napping for a bit. Poor baby. She’s such a good kid.

So glad to be back home and that she’s feeling better. I can’t wait to see the hospital bill…

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