The Girls’ First Big Trip

Yep. I did it – I took the girls on their first (second, third, fourth, and fifth) plane ride! By myself! Well, except for the flight from Houston to Memphis – my parents came with us.

I had my first vacation in a year and a half, and since Rick couldn’t take off work to come with us, the girls and I ventured alone to Houston to see my parents.

I am never doing this again while they’re this little.

Not because they weren’t good – they were actually excellent on 4 out of 5 planes and very well-behaved at airports during our layovers – but because it was beyond exhausting. I’m super thankful that my work wife, Krystina, went through security with me here in Rochester and my coworkers were amazing and helpful at the gate, helping me get settled in the aircraft and all. The flight crews were wonderful and supportive, and my parents were the best – they cancelled their trip home to Brazil to go to Memphis with me so I wouldn’t have to do it alone and help me while there since my sister is 5 months pregnant.

It was absolutely adorable watching them on a plane and reacting to engine noise, pressure in their little ears (no tears!!), taking a picture with the pilots of their first flight ever, and being in airports. They were over it and done by the last flight, the flight home, but who can blame them? Taking 5 planes in 8 days when you’re 13 months old isn’t easy. They handled it like champs.

Let me add that, on the way down to Houston, I flew with them alone on standby – without confirmed seats. We were originally supposed to fly on Wednesday, the 7th, but a winter storm was approaching and supposed to hit us on that fateful day. So, what did I do?

On Tuesday, the 6th, I worked from 4am to 12:30pm, went home, showered and changed, grabbed the girls from daycare, and off we went on a 3:20pm flight to Philadelphia, and then on to Houston arriving at 9:30pm. Luckily, the flights were not full at all and we got great seats on both flights (I had to list one of the girls as a child for a seat assignment and had one as a lap child). I had plenty of snacks for them, milk, and some baby food. Also, all of my 4 checked items made it! Yay for no lost luggage!

The stay in Houston was great – we hung out with my parents, the girls met my parents’ coworkers, I saw my bffs Tiffany and Amanda while there, and saw an old friend whose family I taught TaeKwon Do when I lived in Tennessee. The girls never slept through the night, which was really aggravating. That plus the fact I’m adjusting to new medication didn’t make for a very relaxed or rested Camila. It was also hilarious to see Lydia terrorizing my parents’ dog, Zoe, who’s a chihuahua mini-pin mix. She would follow her around and say “Doggie!” while Zoe barked and ran away, and River cried every time Zoe barked. It was truly hilarious.

Memphis was also great – it had been almost 2 years since my parents, my sister, her husband, and I were all under the same roof. The girls fell in love with uncle Kyle (especially Lydia) and said hi to little miss Blair (River actually said “beebee blah”) by petting my sister’s adorable baby bump. And not to mention it was so good seeing my sister and Kyle after a year. I wish we were neighbors.

The girls are getting so big. They love eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, turkey hot dogs, chicken, eggs, pasta, cheese… basically whatever you put in front of them, they’ll eat it. They’re completely weaned off bottle nipples and drink from a spout top now, and we’re working on straw cups. They’ve had a little bit of whole milk with just a dash of chocolate Nesquik mixed in. They’re so good.

And healthy! Ever since their (amazing) pediatrician put River on a steroid inhalant twice a day, she’s been a brand new baby. Lydia is in excellent shape too, and I think the warmer weather and humidity in TX had something to do with it. Here’s hoping they won’t go back to being sick anytime soon.

So that’s why I hadn’t written in a while. Super busy with work, writing gigs, flying around, and monitoring my own mental health. More on that later.

I am so proud of River and Lydia. In the year they’ve been home, they’ve accomplished so much and met so many milestones! They’re babbling nonstop, saying words like “doggie” and “goodbye” and “baby”, very aware of their surroundings, and almost walking.

They’re perfect.

Exhausting. But perfect.

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