A Letter to My Daughters

Dear River and Lydia,

Though you’re only 14 months old today, one day you’ll be my age, almost 30, with your own achievements and dreams (some fulfilled and some unfulfilled), maybe with your own little families. Today, you’re only baby girls who wear every color of the rainbow, but still look adorable in pink. You have boy and girl sippy cups, and you get confused for little boys because I don’t put on the bright girlie colors on you all the time when we go out.

In the future, you’ll be grown women with your own likes and dislikes in clothes and colors, own preferences in who you like. You will conquer this world. You are above any and all stereotypes- whether it’s simply because you’re girls or if it’s because your mother is a hardworking first generation immigrant, as your grandmother and your aunt are. Words and actions against you will sting, but it’ll only motivate you to overcome it all and own your life.

As a woman who’s gotten a lot of criticism for being my own person, with my own feelings and ideas, and while struggling with a debilitating mental illness, I can tell you that those who criticize simply don’t understand. They will wonder how you stand so tall after having so much hate and disapproval and misconceptions thrown at you, how you manage to turn those into a mountain in which you will stand on.You will do amazing things in life.

I dedicate this International Women’s Day to you both.

Thank you for being more of an affirmation that this world needs strong women, and there’s no shame in being a strong woman with faults. After all, we are an equal human being.

I love you, my little girls.

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