Adventures of River and Lydia – Poor Zelda

Doggie, Dodgien, Pup, Pooper, Honey Ham.

Zelda has many names in this household.

She also has two little sisters who are enamored with her, yet don’t know how to properly control themselves and show their affection. They accidentally smack her, then realize they shouldn’t have done it, then attempt to pet her. They poke her eyes, her nose, tug on her ears and tail, grab her paws, sit on her, throw themselves on her by accident (and on purpose), and they always announce her entrance when they first spot her – “Doggie!” Lydia says and “Dodgien!” River will repeat 1000000 times.

It’s adorable.

Well, at least for us.

Sorry, pup. They’ll learn.

Also, I apparently can’t have 2 minutes to myself. The three of them know exactly how to find me.

Sometimes, I feel like I have triplets. Very fraternal triplets.

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