Lungs, Bare Feet, and House-Huntings

Those three very different things describe our hectic yet great day today.

Since River’s last (and worst) hospitalization, her pediatrician and the pulmonary doctor at the Children’s Hospital decided it’d be a good idea to have River do a chest x-ray. But how do you do that on a squirmy and constantly moving baby?

First, you take her little shirt off. Then, you sit her down on a bike seat and hold her little arms up while a plastic tube closes around her, ensuring her little arms can’t come down and that she can’t move. It did not look comfortable, and River promptly starting crying. But she was a champ, and cheered up in no time – even smiled at the tech lady as we left the room.

Her x-ray came back clear, and she does not have any lung problems.


Since we had the chest x-ray appointment today, my work wife Krystina came over early in the morning to help me with the girls during the appointment and to also go check out a possible house of interest with me since Rick was working.

So our first stop was McDonald’s, obviously. River and Lydia had their first Happy Meal, and I officially just got named Best Mother Ever. Dear sanctimommys – RELAX. This doesn’t mean McDonald’s will be their every meal of every day. Take a chill pill and get off your high horses.


You should’ve seen their faces after they taster our milkshakes.


So, we all ate lunch, and off we went to see the house.

It was notĀ the house, but that’s perfectly fine.

We won’t really findĀ the precious until we sell our townhouse, but it’s critical to go out and look, and to get a feel for what I like. It’s even more important since this was my first open-house, ever.

After the house visit, we went to the hospital for River’s chest x-ray and saw three of our favorite NICU nurses. We love those ladies! It was great seeing them after a year!

After the appointment and a quick snack at the hospital’s cafeteria, we left and began to drive back to my place, only to take a very long detours through beautiful neighborhoods and scout out houses for sale and thousands of dollars out of our budget.

This whole house-hunting business and all of the investigating that comes with it really makes me interested in a realtor job. I’ve spoken to a couple friends who are realtors, and they do like it a lot, and they are doing great in it. Who knows? Maybe I’ll be selling your house or helping you buy your own precious one day.

It’s now 8:25pm, the girls have been in bed for half an hour, and I have turkey baking in the oven (yes, I’m aware it’s March and not November – don’t judge me). I also have a lovely glass of wine.

My perfect bunnies

I’ll be hanging out, investigating houses, and writing down topics for future things I’d like to write about. A lot has been going on, and I don’t have much free time and I am incredibly lazy (with reason – I fucking have twins) when I do have it. But I must write! This whole preemie twin mom experience is what got me typing away in the first place, why should I stop anytime soon? Or at all?

I can picture it – it’s 2036 and River and Lydia are almost turning 20 years old, and they stumble upon my blog and see everything I’ve written, how much I adore their existence and love them. I’d love to see their reaction to this.

But, for now, it’s 2018 and I. Am. Tired.

Oh, and the bare foot reference? The girls won’t let me put shoes on them and they take their socks off. So they went on barefoot today.

Have a great night while I hide from the sanctimommies.


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