Wintering into April

Seems like spring has called out sick this year. It’s April. It’s snowing.


Why did I move to Rochester again?! Oh, right. Rick.

Even though spring has yet to show her lovely face around here, it seems like sick season has finally died down. Except when it comes to me – I’m still sniffly and semi-congested and semi-hoarse. But I’ve accepted that as my new me. Ugh.

Maybe it’s allergies? Who knows.

Speaking of me, I’m doing fantastic. My meds are working great and I’m finally stable.

Yes, you read that correctly. As of my latest medication adjustment, I have calmed my horses, thus becoming stable. Don’t you love how I just tied my last actual entry’s joke to my current mental health state?

… Anyway.

This is the first time in years in which I feel in control, and I have L&L to thank. Lithium and Latuda, along with self monitoring, my new psychiatrist, and my support system (you amazing people know exactly who you are), have completely changed my life and helped me find my balance. This is the first time since I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder type I that I feel excitement, frustration, and boredom at normal levels. I do, however, question myself if I’m too happy, or in too good of a mood and therefor manic at times. I’ve even asked my closes friends at work to please tell me if they think I’m going overboard, so I can bring it up with my psychiatrist when I see him again in a couple of weeks.

But this feels nice, and something I can see myself doing long-term provided my kidneys and liver can take it.


Look how pretty I can be sometimes!


I have also signed up for a gym and, with the mentoring and coaching of my amazing fellow mom friend Jes, I will be starting a Shakeology challenge! Going to the gym has also helped keep my mood stable as I’m very happy about finally taking care of myself and eating right (I did meal prep for this week and haven’t had a soda in 5 days and I haven’t died yet), doing face masks at night, using face cream and teeth whitening stuff. I’m working on loving myself and trying to make up for the time I spent ignoring myself.

So, needless to say, I’m incredibly sore. Epsom salt baths have become my new best friend.

The girls spent last 3 nights at Rick’s parents’ house and Rick comes back from Boston tomorrow, and I worked and worked out the last few days. It’s been great, but I missed my little boogers.

Lydia has begun walking, showing little interest in crawling. River has become the Lazy Baby and prefers to walk on her knees. That can’t feel good. But I want to see PT Guy John’s face Wednesday when Lydia walks to greet him (or walks away from him). It’ll be so nice.

My birthday is coming up in 11 days. Yep. 29. Last year in my twenties. Kinda freaky, actually. I’m nowhere near where I thought I’d be at 30, but that’s how life works. It has a silly sense of humor. To celebrate, Rick and I will be going on a nice vacation to Cancun, and the girls will be hanging out with my parents in Houston while we’re enjoying a much needed second honeymoon and time alone together. I honestly cannot wait to feel the sun on my skin, to touch the ocean water, to eat all the amazing food and drink all the adult beverages included at our all-inclusive resort. Is it the 22nd yet?!

Don’t ask me about the house-hunting stuff. We still have things to do with our house and we decided to take a week break from thinking about it all. We don’t have much time to do any of it at all, so we’re waiting until next week to start fresh. And then we’ll forget about it again while we’re on vacation. I can’t wait.

I’ll just go listen to my new favorite song (“Cold Feet” by Above&Beyond) on repeat until it’s the 22nd.

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