Early Intervention Milestones

The girls, specifically Lydia, have been having weekly physical therapy sessions every week since August last year, and they’ve come a long way in these short 8 months – learned the toll over, learned to sit up and hold their heads up, learned to kneel, learned to crawl, and are now proficient (Lydia) and working on (River) walking.

We have this guy to thank for all these milestones met:

John the PT Guy is the sweetest and the girls love him. They took a little getting used to him and realizing he wasn’t there to cuddle them – he makes them work. All the hard work is paying off beautifully – Lydia greeted John today by walking over to him and hugging his leg.

He also cares about the girls, and it shows. He’s a father of four, and he and his wife are in the pediatric field. When the girls happen to miss a session, he wastes no time in wiggling them into his busy schedule and going to their daycare to see them.

I’m so glad I made the call in June last year to get the girls evaluated, and I’m even more grateful that the Early Intervention services are completely covered by insurance. I hate to think of not being able to have these services if they weren’t.

He also monitors their blabbing and overall learning, today he asked Lydia a question and she answered “yeah”. Then she did the motion towards his folder to tell him that she wanted it, and when he asked if she wanted it she said “yeah” once more. It was mind blowing to watch.

I’m actually dreading the day the sessions end, because the girls have grown so accustomed to John and they really like him. He’s going to have to come visit sometime when it’s all done!

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