It was on a normal Wednesday, April 19th, in the year of 1989 that my mom went from pregnant lady to mother. I was born at 7:15pm, and I’m told it was a fairly quick birth! I obviously don’t remember it.

I was also told I met the bare minimum requirements for a baby to be able to go home – I was one or two ounces away from a NICU stay for weight gain – but I was indeed able to come home with my adorable parents. Foreshadowing, maybe?

I was born Camila Birocchi Domingues, a very energetic baby who loved to listen to music and cuddle. I was supposed to be named Maria Carolina if I were a girl, or Mateus if I were a boy. Since I am indeed a female, I was instead named after a very popular Brazilian song, “Camila, Camila” by Nenhum De Nós – a song about Camila being a fighter and leaving an unpleasant situation, her chin up and forever changed. Again – foreshadowing?!

So, 29 years later, I spent my birthday with my own children and husband. It’s a rare occasion as Rick and I have opposite days off, and we’re never together with the girls. It was so nice. Despite being super sick for the 6th time, Rick and I took the girls out to have some fun, but not before I paid a visit to my psychiatrist.

He was very happy with how well the two meds have been working for me and wrote an indefinite prescription for Latuda, also handing me a savings card. Because, you know, medication you need to take can cost you an arm and a leg. And he was right – even after my insurance covered it, my copay for it was fucking $100!!! Right?! However, the savings card kicked in and until next year, it’ll only cost me $15 to fill it. Thanks for the birthday present, mister doctor!!

After my appointment, I went home, packed snacks for the girls, and off we went – to the Strong Museum of Play.

Here’s a collage of the fun:

It truly was a great time. River decided to walk, so we had two walking babies. Rick and I were both sweating from chasing them down, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

After the Museum, we headed to our favorite Mexican restaurant and had dinner. I was also put on the spotlight because it’s my birthday, and the girls and I took turns with the sombrero.

Honestly, it was one of the best ways I’ve ever celebrated my birthday – with my family. I love them so much.

Now, the girls are fast asleep (yay for tons of stimulation) and Rick and I are sniffling, coughing, and sneezing away in bed. We will be going on vacation in a few days, and we seriously can’t wait to feel better.

Also, why the hell is it snowing in my birthday?!


Thank you for those who wished me a happy birthday today. Y’all rock!

Here’s the picture of the card River and Lydia got me. It’s hilarious. I wonder if they had any help….

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