Oye, Como Va

I’m typing this on my phone, feeling rather refreshed even after a night where adult beverages were a little abused. With bright sunlight escaping the blackout curtains by the sides, a snoring husband to my right.

Vacation. Yes. We’re on a much needed, unfortunately rather short vacation.

On Saturday, April 21st, Rick and I packed our things and the girls’ things, and left for Charlotte, NC. We spent the night there ($54/night rate because I’m an airline employee – woohoo!), barely slept because the girls do not like hotels (but we still had so much fun with them), and then headed to Houston the next morning, arriving at 1pm. My parents met us at our gate and took River and Lydia home with them while Rick and I tried not to cry, and we went to our gate for our vacation-bound flight: Cancún.

4 years ago, a few weeks before I actually met Rick, I had spent three days in Cancún and loved it – or at least what I could remember. I’m lucky I didn’t get alcohol poisoning and I made friends with legitimately good people (they’re Canadians – of course they’re amazing), and we’re still friends to this day – because I drank so heavily that I don’t remember the first day and a half of my first stay here, including the fact my Canadian friends had to pull me out of the ocean because I just wanted to keep swimming. Older, motherly, responsible adult Camila knows better now, and I will most likely remember this trip forever with my dignity intact and my drinking less. This is Rick’s first time in Cancún and though he’s not a beach person, he’s clearly enjoying himself. And that makes me happy.

I wanted to be comfortable during this amazing trip, so I packed a bunch of Lularoe leggings and tops, comfy flip flops (the Guess ones that only cost me $9 that I take to my gym to fit in with the rich-looking ladies), my two trusty dresses (one of which was originally bought for my first Cancún trip), and two new bathing suits. Relax, they’re one-pieces. And they’re beautiful! So I feel beautiful and sexy. And Rick loves them. So that’s all I need.

Boy, did we have a good time.

We ate really fancy Sunday after we arrived, completely by accident. It was delicious.

On Monday, we ate and swam, and we spent a good amount of time in our room, just resting up. We eventually had another fancy dinner, and then I proceeded to kick Rick’s ass in Mario Kart (yes, we brought our Nintendo Switch).

Today, we had a spa day consisting of hydrotherapy, an 80-minute couple’s massage, and wine. We swam in the pool, ran into the same two guys for the fourth time and we all decided we were meant to be friends, so we caught some waves with Mike and Tory. They’re pretty cool and we had an awesome time. We met Johan and Estevoa, a South African couple and they were awesome. Lots of drinks, pizza slices, and culture talks later, we had to part ways because it was 7pm and we hadn’t even noticed the time flying by.

Rick and I are about to head down to one of the 5 restaurants for dinner, our last one in paradise. Next time we come, we’ll have to bring River and Lydia – there are so many kid’s activities in this resort! And cute kids. Cute kids makes us miss our kids. A lot.

And so we will close the last night out of trip – yummy food, tasty drinks, and me probably kicking Rick’s ass in Mario Kart again.

Ah… vacation.

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