Mom Level Increased

This has been a great week so far. And yes, that is banana stuff on Lydia’s hair in the above picture.

It started out with sunday – I worked a morning shift and left work at 12:30pm – 7 hours earlier than when I normally leave work. That meant I could spend time with Rick, the girls, and Rick’s parents since they were in town. So we took the girls out to eat, then for ice cream, and then came home, where 5 out of 6 of us took naps while watching Mystery Science Theater.

Rick and I closed Sunday night by listening to music hits from the 2000’s and dancing around with the girls. It was such a good time.

On monday, Rick left for Wisconsin for work and it’s just been me and the girls. Don’t feel bad! It’s actually been pretty smooth!

It’s not just the fact our girls are literally the best babies, but also because I’m a lot more confident in parenthood and we now have a pretty solid village including a few friends from work and our daycare family. They’re literally the best. I was able to pick the girls up later than usual at daycare on monday and tuesday, and was able to wipe them down, change them, and put them to bed by 8:15pm – 15 minutes into their bedtime. Perfection.

Today, it was even better – I was off and we invaded my friend Sue’s house while she was at work. Sue’s daughter, Lindsay, and her three adorable kiddos (Clayton, Camden, and Lennox) are in town for two weeks. So, off we went to see our friends! It was so nice to have pleasant adult company while our kids played. Though Lindsay and I have only hung out a couple of times, we feel like family. It’s one of those sister-like connections – and it’s even better because our parents are good friends as well. Her sons were pulling my daughters on a wagon as they queen-waved at us, they picked them up when they fell, they hugged and snuggled them, and they all had so much fun! And little Lennox, her 13-month-old sweetie, is just perfect. She has the prettiest blue eyes and the cutest cry, and she’s walking so well! It was great seeing all five kids together, and then it turned into eight kids when my coworker and Sue’s neighbor Josh came out with his beautiful family. It was a truly awesome day, which ended in River having a frontal poop explosion all over my brand new LuLaRoe shirt (trying not to cry here), dinner, a much needed bath, and bedtime.

River and Lydia also loved playing in the little house Sue has in her backyard, and I snapped a picture at the right time – a new expression for River. I have never seen her make such a face, and it was so sweet. I really wonder what she was thinking about.

“This stove top is so cute – I can’t wait to cook!” – River        “I guess I’ll do the dishes…” – Lydia

It’s 9:52pm, they’ve been asleep for almost two hours, and I’m having a beer and beef jerky. We’re going back to Sue’s house tomorrow since she and I are both off, and it’s going to be an even better day.

All of these things this week have me feeling pretty proud of myself. Even today, with the girls at home, I was able to shower and even shave my legs!!!! And they were awake! I’m able to bathe them both at the same time like it’s no biggie, I’m able to put them down for the night with no issues, and I am in control of things during the day. This is so nice, and such a contrast from this time last year. It was nearly impossible to do anything when I was alone with them, it was crazy. I guess experience gained and growth have played a part in how much easier it is now, and I’m nothing but thankful for it.

I love being their mom.

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