Sit Down, Let’s Catch Up

“Your blog.” My sister texted me at around 10:30pm last night. “Was so anticlimactic. I, like, laid in bed to read it with Kyle… and nope – just kidding.”

Once reading her text to Rick, he kindly looked at me and said, “Babe, why do you disappoint your sister?”

Hello, my name is Camila and I disappointed all of you with hopes of a new entry, just to keep it short and anticlimactic! Welcome to my blog. Grab some coffee or wine, get comfy, and let’s catch up on life.

The last few weeks have been action-packed. A shuttle hit my car door as I was placing River in her car seat after attending our local Lilac Festival, scaring the shit out of me, peeling my door back, and taking it out of alignment. We’re fine! Nobody was injured, but I still wanted to rip that son of a bitch’s head off for the possibility of him ever harming my child, who happened to be in my arms, in between the car door and the car seat in the moment of impact. On top of the scare, the shuttle company’s insurance took their sweet time getting information together and nobody can find the goddamn police report for the accident, so they’re saying I’m at 80% fault.

Bullshit, I’m aware. Trust me, I’ll be calling that cop back tomorrow.

While trying to solve that without having an aneurysm, we took more steps towards selling our house – had a couple private buyers come look, fixed up the deck, and finally put the house on the market yesterday morning. The listing has since been viewed 357 times and we’ll have four viewings by the end of this week. Talk about exciting and nerve-wrecking! “Camila, have you and Rick looked at houses in case yours sells fast?” Nope! Isn’t it lovely? With the way our schedules are, we don’t have time together (how many times have I mentioned that?) and it’s a bit tricky going to see a house while bringing two 17-month-olds along. We’ve peeked at some listings online, sure, but haven’t been able to check anything out. But, with my friend Marlea working for me this coming Sunday, we will go look at a couple of houses together for the first time!

The other major stressor right now has been my job. Between beyond-high-school level drama, constant delays and cancellations because of storms and maintenance issues, and the strain that my current temporary supervisor position has put in my family life, it has been absolute hell. I’ve found that it’s not a family-friendly industry at all, and it breaks my heart to ever think of leaving it… But maybe it’s exactly what I need. But then how will we be able to go on fun vacations or go see my family without my flight benefits? Maybe I should just work and save for them, getting confirmed tickets instead of yanking hairs out of my head while traveling standby. Who knows… Maybe I should. Maybe I could press the pause button on my life as an airline slav – I mean, employee, maybe I could find something that would allow the family time I so desire and need. Maybe.


It’s so amazing watching River and Lydia grow into toddlerhood. From the “no no no”s to the “happy birthday to you”s, it has been a light in my life. We have two walking infants, who babble nonstop, love to sing the happy birthday song, can climb on and off the couch with no assistance, and adore Zelda. I feel like I’ve blinked and 17 months just flew by.

Let me interrupt this by sharing the dialogue that just took place between Rick and myself.

“Are you writing a blog, babe?”


“Is it going to be good, babe?”


“Mmkay. Are you writing it from your phone?”

“No, I was just checking Faceb–”

“Babe, why do you disappoint your sister?”

Aaaand back to our program…… Thank you for the support, weirdo husband whom I adore.

River and Lydia are ridiculously different, and I know I’ve said this before. But it’s even more pronounced each day, and it never fails to amuse and surprise me.

Take Lydia, for example. She is so mean to River. She will slap, pinch, and push River at any moment just for approaching me. She snatches toys out of her hands and then pretends she had them the whole time. She yells “no no no no” at River, pointing her little index finger at her. She is the kid who will look you in the eyes as you tell her “no” and does it anyway. However, Lydia is a little sweetheart. She is so lovey with us. She kisses us, kisses Zelda, cuddles on us to watch TV or to just chill, and she is very clingy. It’s so fucking adorable. It also makes it insanely hard to discipline her, as she will cry and cuddle on us when we attempt to. Though we want her to understand that hitting River is not ok, we don’t want to be super hard on her… yet.

River is hysterical. She makes the funniest faces and noises, is very energetic and pretty independent. She very rarely comes to cuddle or cry on us, and she doesn’t usually cry when toys get snatched from her hands. She doesn’t normally hit Lydia nor does she retaliate, but when she’s mad… She’s mad. She’s her mother’s daughter for sure. River is also the hardest one to console as of late, and it makes us kind of wish she was able to self-soothe like Lydia, who sucks her thumb. River understands what “no” means, and she will oblige and stop the bad behavior. She will sing the happy birthday song to anyone and anything, and she will roar on the couch with a spoon in hand.

Identically different. Exactly opposite.

Rick and I talk about how fascinating it is that the girls are identical according to their genetic makeup, but their temperaments are completely different. It’s such a cool and weird fact, and it’s really fun to witness first hand.

So… That’s what’s been going on as of late. The girls are growing like weeds, Rick and I are working on our marriage and just being kind to each other (and remembering that it’s nobody’s fault that we have to work so much, it’s necessary in this day and age), and I continue to work on my mental health… which is a topic for another sit down chat. Especially after my appointment with my psych tomorrow.

Thank you for sticking around and checking up on our crazy lives!

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