So, Where Were We?

So many things have happened in the last month, that I don’t even know where to begin.

First things first.

I remember in my last entry I was going on and on about how I wish I had more time with my family, that I wish I had a job where I had weekends and holidays off… And that’s exactly what I went for.

As of June 15th, I no longer work in the airline industry. I made the ultimate sacrifice for my family – let go of something I loved and cherished, something I did for the last decade, something that was very therapeutic to me, all for the something money can’t buy: quality family time.

I now work for a huge insurance company, working Monday through Friday, with weekends and holidays off and excellent benefits (because we can all remember how awful it was when River kept having to go to the hospital for her breathing issues). I’ll still be in the customer service department, and then I can branch out to different parts of the company as I reach Career Path goals and become an expert in the subject.

I just finished my first week of training and I am still beyond confident that I made the right choice. Getting off work at 4:30pm, getting the girls from daycare, and spending the rest of the night with them and Rick has made all the difference in this world. We actually feel like a family now! A happy family! One that eats dinner together, that dances to the Gummy Bear and Baby Shark songs together, that wrestles on the floor while laughing our asses off together. I still can’t believe this is my life now.


In the house-hunting department, huge progress has been made!

Rick and I fell in love with a house not far from us and put in an offer, the highest offer the house got. But alas, we weren’t the winners. Someone with better conditions in the contract won that house, and we were crushed – Rick especially. After this little heartbreak, we didn’t think we’d ever find a house. We saw a few that showed promise, yet we were let down again and again over little details that meant a lot to us.

For starters, the houses were older. Sure, some were remodeled and well-kept, but the floors creaked, the roofs would have to be replaced, the furnace was old, the house was too expensive for what it was… Things like that were a little discouraging to us. On top of that, our house had been on a very hot market for about two weeks with no signs of any offers coming about, so that only added some more stress.

I had been blabbing about building a house since we first talked about selling ours, and Rick was always quick to dismiss it as expensive and not worth it. It wasn’t until we saw a house that was really good on paper and got disappointed with it that I finally got him to at least go talk to a representative from a building company. We sat and talked with her for two hours, going over every detail and every dollar amount, and came home with a good estimate in our hands.

Rick has an excellent poker face, and he was adamant about not showing them that we were seriously interested in building with them, and that’s the attitude he kept from that point on. The builders contacted us with a huge deal with a smaller floor plan, and that was the open door Rick needed to let his genius shine.

When I say he negotiated the shit out of the house we wanted, he literally did just that. Excellent upgrades throughout the house, from floors to lighting fixtures – he got us all of that for the exact amount we wanted to pay for the bigger floor plan. And so we signed papers, grabbed the sold sign, and headed to our lot.

There, we met a couple of our neighbors (everyone has kids – this is going to be amazing), placed the sold sign, hugged our new neighbors, and went home numb with happiness. Today, our mortgage loan was approved. The house will begin building soon.

I know what you’re thinking. “But, Camila, what about your house?! Have you sold it yet?”

After 23 days, 10 showings, and 1 open house with excellent attendance, it’s my pleasure to say that we got a great offer on our house last night. Fingers crossed that everything goes through, and then we’re all set!

It’s crazy to think how life can change in just one month. And that’s not even talking about our girls – who just keep getting bigger, are saying random words, and are as active and adorable as ever. Lydia and River are the reason for everything that we’re doing, and we only want the best for them.

One thing that hasn’t changed, though: my level of tiredness.

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