Life is Good

Yes, indeed. Zelda can agree.

It’s the first time in a while in which I can say and think those precious three little words.

And how is it good? Glad you asked.


Referring back to my previous entry, everything in regards to our living situation is lining up beautifully – everything has been approved for our new house and building will start soon, we’ve gotten a couple great offers on our townhouse and it’s all in the works to mark it officially sold (fingers crossed!), I’m absolutely loving my new job and company and I’m planning on sticking with them for a long time.

River and Lydia are amazing, full of life and energy, and finally interacting heavily – they tackle, kiss, and love on each other – and they’re having “conversations” that are only understood if you’re part of the “Twin Talk” club.

Clearly, Rick and I are not that cool and not part of such club and thus cannot fathom what they’re saying for the vast majority of the time.¬†Though, Lydia and I just had a solid conversation. She was prepping to put herself on the bouncer, and it sounded like she was saying “get on”. I asked her if she’s getting on it by herself and she replied with a “yeah”. Then, I asked her if she would be careful and she came back with a huge nod. She’s such a smart kid. And safe – she didn’t even fall.

River and Lydia adore Zelda. They kiss her and hug her and lean on her, all on their own. It’s so cute watching them express affection towards her and then towards each other, my heart melts every damn time.

They’re also starting to learn to brush their 8 teeth (and we’re getting molars, yay!) every night and working on making time to brush them in our rushed morning routine. Oh, and before I get judged, let me mention Rick is out of town this week for work, so I not only have to take care of our two muffins completely by myself but I also have to make sure I wake up early enough to take a quick shower, dress for work, take Zelda out and feed her, change the girls, take them to daycare, and then take my tired ass to work. So, yeah, we’re working on it. Not to mention I break their little hearts every time I take the toothbrushes away from them. It’s seriously like I’ve committed the biggest crime against my children.

Their walking is becoming more and more independent each day. They haven’t crawled in a month or so, and they are starting to notice objects in front of them or changes in elevation and adjusting accordingly. They’ll step over items, calmly regain their balance, and are now starting to go around things. It’s a huge deal, as mastering these moves would put them closer to where they should be developmentally at 18 months old. It still blows my mind how far they’ve come in a year of Early Intervention services, and how incredible these two really are. You can’t even tell that they were born 3 months early – except for their size. They’ll be pretty petite for a while if not forever.

Regarding my mental health, I feel… normal. Like, what I’m assuming a person who isn’t Bipolar Type I feels like. With a slight medication adjustment on my last visit in May, I haven’t been angry since. Sure, I still get upset, but Hulk hasn’t come out since and it’s everything I ever dreamed of. I can get happy, sad, upset, and bored like a normal person and not go into a manic, depressive, or explosive anger episode! Thank the Universe for science! Even Rick has noticed a difference, and our marriage has finally gotten back to normal. The only drawback to this slight adjustment is that I get insanely sleepy about half an hour after I take my medication. I’ve been sleeping pretty well, so I guess it can’t be that bad… Except that it cuts into my time with Rick (which has increased by hours thanks to working the same schedule).

All in all, life is pretty goddamn good. There are bad days, there are good days, there are days in which all I want to do is sleep or dig myself into a hole and not interact with anyone. But such is life – perfectly flawed.

Speaking of perfect, my niece was born! Miss Blair Avery was born a day before her due date on 6/20, after my incredible sister labored for 17 hours. Mom and baby are doing great, mastering motherhood one step at a time, and figuring out this amazing world we call parenthood. Welcome to the Cool Moms Club, Carolina. You make us even cooler, and I’m super proud of you.

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