A Long, Long Time Ago

In this very same galaxy (sorry for the let down here, folks), I decided I’d give blogging a try.

A year and 134 entries ago, I sat down and wrote about the three days I’ll never forget – the two days leading up to the day River and Lydia were born and their dramatically early entrance into the world.

While most of my life has been the same ever since my two little nuggets were born, a lot has changed. They now walk and run, dance, climb on things, defy us with heartfelt “no”s, tackle each other, hit everyone in sight, kiss the dog, love playing in the water, and make us grow a little more grey hair every day.

They still sleep from 8pm to 7am, and that’s something that I hope will never change (unless it means they’ll eventually sleep in on weekends).

I’ve been struggling with what to type lately, hence the giant month gap in between entries. I do apologize about that. I’ve been getting used to a new job (tons of overwhelming material to remember – I’m not even done with training yet), getting used to a new daily routine, and still trying to fit everything I need to do for myself in the last 3 hours of my day. So it’s not like I’ve been ignoring y’all, I just haven’t had the time to sit down, crack my knuckles, and let it rip.

My struggle face

I’ve done a lot of daydreaming about our new house – mostly about the kitchen. Yeah, I’m going to be that mom that will spend every waking moment in the kitchen, making healthy food and baking yummy goods.


At least I’ll be trying to. I always fuck shit up in the kitchen. But I do love to try. I even have a few aprons, including one that was handmade for me in Venice, Italy while we were there on our honeymoon.

Since I started this entry talking about the past, I just remembered that I moved to Rochester 4 years ago on 07/27. It’s incredible to me how much my life has changed in the last 4 years alone. I had been in a short long-distance relationship, moved in with my then-boyfriend-now-husband. Now, I’m a married woman, mother of twins, who spends her nights trying not to fall asleep in order to enjoy toddler-free time.

I always fail.

I may be developing a slight intolerance to eggs. Every time I eat them, my throat feels weird.

Wow. This entry is all. Over. The place. Yes, I know. Just let it happen. I’m tired and I miss writing, so just let this happen.

Fun fact – I did record myself talking about my experience with breastfeeding for Twiniversity tonight, and I had to script it all. I am terrible at just saying things on the spot, so I wrote up exactly what I wanted to say (with cues for my awful humor) and ninja-read it while trying to hide my double chin. I think it turned out great, actually.

I am thinking of maybe doing some sort of give-away to you, my patient and amazing readers, but I’m having a hard time figuring out what to do. If you have any suggestions, jot them down in my comments section. Or don’t, I can’t make you. You rebel, you.

River and Lydia love water. I bought them an inflatable round pool, and we’ve created water monsters. River will beg us, looking at us with desperate eyes, tugging the door to the patio and saying “‘Tide??”

Which is toddler-speak for outside.

They splash, fall in (don’t worry, it’s not even halfway full), drink the water, chase the dog on the patio, get in and out of the pool by themselves. I’m so proud of them.

I had a meeting with the Early Intervention Coordinator on Tuesday, and it was determined they still need another 6 months of services. They need to learn to jump, go up and down stairs, and be sturdier while walking and running. They’ll meet those goals in no time.

Alas. I have 20 more minutes until my meds kick in and I feel like falling into a Sleeping Beauty-like slumber.

Damn being an adult with responsibilities and duties.


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