Airplane Rambling

So, here we are.

I’m getting pushed back as I type. Yes, I’m ok, there’s no bully. My plane is just pushing off the gate.

Got you.

I’m sitting in an airplane, making my way to Memphis. I have a little niece to meet and I need to see my best friend – my sister! It’s been too long since we last saw each other, and I decided I just had to go. Even if it’s literally for 24 hours.

I’m wearing my obnoxiously long pajama shirt, black leggings, a black cardigan, and cute Jesus sandals (more commonly known as gladiator shoes, but hey, I like to call things my own way). I have black toe and finger nails, I’m listening to amazing electronic music loudly in my headphones, and I’m beyond comfortable.

Hot mess, no stress.

This is the first time in over 10 years in which I fly while not being an airline employee, and it’s so weird! It’s even weirder that I remember how to navigate the computer system for American like I never left. But hey, I’m dressed super comfy and loving it, since I no longer have a dress code to abide to while flying. FREEDOM!

I have to admit I forgot I had to have a form of ID out to go through security. I’m so used to walking through those lines with my badge hanging from my neck, that I completely forgot to fetch my driver’s license. Whoops.

It’s the small, silly things.

Ah. Spicy tomato juice. What a gift from the gods of deliciousness. Though it could use some vodka, it’s my favorite thing to drink in airplanes.

It’ll probably have vodka on my next, longer flight.

What? This is like a mini vacation for me. No kids, no husband, no needy dog. Just me, an adorable little baby, my sister, and my awesome brother-in-law. I can treat myself if I want to, ok?


Beautifully cloudy skies from Rochester to Philadelphia.


Life has been pretty good. We’re finally done with training at work and we’ve moved on to the real job. I’ve decided that the phones are not for me, but I will do this and do it well, and I’ll do it for my girls. I changed jobs to provide them with a better quality of life – having mommy and daddy together, making memories on holidays together, getting great health insurance benefits (they both have asthma, so it’s very needed), and keeping hours and schedules steady. I will do this, damnit.

Think of me as Homer Simpson, who has a sweet “Do It for Her” collage at his desk at work with pictures of his little daughter. I’m doing it for River and Lydia.

Accurate representation of me.

We finally closed on our current house, and we’re renting it back from its new owner now. We’ll have a final pre-building meeting for our new house (just build our goddamn house already, for fuck’s sake!!!!!! I mean, yay) next week, and they’re still anticipating a November closing date for us. Which leaves us asking ourselves what we’re going to do from October 31st – when we have to vacate our current house – to whatever day in November in which we will close on our house and get the keys. YAY! NEW STRESS FACTOR ADDED SUCCESSFULLY! Ugh. Fuck being an adult. I want to be a baby again.

On a completely random note…

Why is music so soothing, especially electronic music? It’s like I’m having a pleasant conversation with my feelings, and everything is balanced and intensely intricate, while my brain gets massaged by amazing beats and entrancing details. I live for electronic music, particularly trance, and I remember loving it from a really young age. I suppose I owe my dad a huge thank you for always making sure there was music playing in our house as I was growing up. I’m following in your footsteps by making sure River and Lydia always have music in their lives. They do love to sing and dance, never holding still for more than 10 seconds at a time.

Just had my layover in Philadelphia, and it was great. As I was reaching my connecting flight’s gate, I realized the gate changed to a completely different concourse and had to speed walk to the correct gate. That took about 15 minutes because Philadelphia is just huge. Once I approached my gate, I relaxed and sat down, watching the gate agents approach the podiums. They did a couple announcements and then called a few people, and my name was called out.


I was upgraded to First Class for free because Economy Class was oversold and they didn’t have any preferred members on the flight to upgrade to First Class.

KARMA!!!! I know it’s Karma!!! Thank you, Gods of Travel.

The one thing I wish I had brought was my laptop. You see, I’m typing all of this in the notes app in my iPhone. I also wish I had gone to the bathroom prior to having my first Bloody Mary before takeoff.

Ah. Much better.

Snacks and Bloody Mary. Because I’m worth it.

This is such a weird experience for me. I’m not an employee anymore, so I can basically do whatever I want. No, I still am polite and courteous and I abide to all rules and regulations because I want to and I’m a good person. But I can order as many (free) alcoholic drinks as I want and there’s no fear of being judged on a company level. Ya know? Because a mom needs her adult beverages.

Bloody Mary #2.

Look at how cute these delicious granola cups were!

Before I went to bed last night, I ordered us some groceries on Instacart. I feel like that’s such a futuristic thing to do. Leaving the state for a couple days? Your husband and kids need groceries while you’re away and it’s one of your responsibilities? Fret not – order them online and set them for delivery the next day!

I’m not saying Rick can’t go grocery shopping. Of course he can. We do what I believe a lot of couples do – ration out “duties” between ourselves, and grocery shopping is one of mine. So why not help him stay sane and not have to go grocery shopping with two 20-month-olds?


I wish I could squish their little faces with kisses. Traveling when you have kids without them is sad. It’s a double-edged sword – you swear you’re going to miss them so much (and you really do), but you definitely enjoy the temporary freedom, regardless of what you have to do.

Hmm. My sea salt and vinegar chips don’t taste that good. Disappointed.

Well, it appears to be nap time for me, courtesy of my Bloody Marys. Can’t argue with that.

Aaaaand I have landed in Memphis. I have a special name for this city that I will not share here, because it’s horrendously inappropriate and I’m going to Hell for it. Except I don’t believe in Hell, so HA! But I still won’t share it because I’m a good person.

Time to go find my family and rejoice at our reunion.

Until later, and thank you for keeping me company this morning.

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