Airplane Rambling 2.0

My mouth is on fire. I just had jalapeño flavored chex mix while waiting to board my plane to Charlotte and I ran out of fluids to calm my tongue down.

I’m sitting here in the Memphis airport, torn. I don’t want to leave because I really missed my sister and her husband, but I really miss my babies and Rick. I see all these agents doing the same work I used to and I really, really miss it, but then I remember my work isn’t all that high-stress anymore and it’s pretty stable, and I relax.

Blair couldn’t help but put her hands in the air out of excitement from meeting her auntie.

This was quite a pleasant visit: I got to meet and snuggle my beautiful little niece (who resembles nothing of her auntie much to my sadness, except for when she cries), I got to spend some much needed time with my sister, and I got to hang out with my bro (I hate having to type brother-in-law every time I talk about Kyle, he’s been family to me since high school). We all got in the hot tub while little Blair slept and had a lot of fun (even though the water temperature was at 103F… it was so nice though) and had some deliciously chilled Port Wine. Carolina and I binged on our favorite old show – America’s Next Top Model – while Blair napped during the day.

Me and little Blair. The resemblance in that last picture is uncanny.

Blair is a doll. She does have a very sensitive esophagus and tummy right now, which makes feeding and gas bubbles a not-so-fun endeavor for her, but she’s a tough little cookie. She’s got reddish blonde hair, blue-green eyes, pale white skin, and she snorts when she cries. I mean, how freaking adorable is she?! I can’t wait for her to meet and play with her cousins – though they look nothing alike.

Me (right) and my sister, Carolina (left)

While hanging out with Carolina, we started talking about a new blogging experience we’d like to start up, which she appropriately named #MomSquad. Pack your diaper bags, it’s going to be a blowout.

Yes, that’s the actual tag line for it. Courtesy of my very creative sister.

While we continue to figure out exactly what #MomSquad will have to offer and what purpose it will serve, we’ll be looking into all aspects of motherhood, with tips and tricks for common situations (both pleasant and unpleasant) moms face everyday. Who knows, it may even expand to more than just me and my sister. Maybe we’ll have more awesome moms contribute, exploring every angle of motherhood and tackling every subject with all sorts of different points of view.

Damn. That sounds pretty goddamn awesome.

Except we will not curse in #MomSquad. I’ll be fine. I think.

Ah. Nothing like having a very full bladder while sitting on the window seat in a very full airplane. Now, which is better – inconveniencing my fellow seat mates so I can fight for the restroom or sit in my seat and cringe for the remaining 40 minutes of this flight? Decisions, decisions. I’m sitting on the first row behind First Class, which means I have to walk all the way to the back of the Airbus 319 and wait to use the potty. But do I really need to?

Why do I play such dangerous games with my bladder at over 30,000 feet in the air? I should know better.

Ah, shit. Make way for turbulence! Always at the right time!

Well, I decided to test fate and use the restroom right before a bout of turbulence that had me freaking out and watching videos of River and Lydia in order to calm down. Great success.

My layover in Charlotte was pretty quick. I landed 15 minutes before my flight home boarded , so I had time to grab some lunch and head to my gate.

Aaaaand the captain has just informed us all that this may be a pretty bumpy flight as well. What a great day. And what a waste of $55 – I voluntarily upgraded myself to first class for only $55, so I could sip on some drinks and relax, but if it’s too bumpy there will be no beverage service. BAH.

Again, I wish I had brought my laptop with me. So much easier to write and create on it.


As it turns out, this was not a waste of $55. This flight isn’t bumpy as promised, so I am currently sipping on a Bloody Mary. Yes, that’s usually my drink of choice when margaritas aren’t available. I also do love wine, but I’m not a big fan of airplane wine.

I’m also munching on a bag of some yummy popcorn that has coconut oil and Himalayan pink salt. It’s really pretty tasty.

Pretty yummy popcorn

My flight attendant is a grumpy, old, little lady. She doesn’t seem pleased that I’d like a second Bloody Mary. But hey, it is part of her job to make me one! And it’s not like I wasn’t polite. I’ve done the job, I know how it can be, so I’m always very nice to my flight attendants. Maybe she’s just having a bad day.

I do miss flight attending at times.

Alas. I made it home. I arrived just in time for the girls to finish their dinner – mac and cheese straight from the bowl with forks! – and I proceeded to snuggle and play with them pretty hard. I missed them. I missed their giggles, temper tantrums, cute little voices and words. I am pretty glad to be home.

Thank you again for keeping me company in this fun weekend adventure. And now, back to reality.

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