I Quit

Damn straight, y’all. I fucking quit.

Vaping. Or fancy smoking. Whatever you want to call it, I quit.

I think this surgery has a lot of credit towards me finally dropping my vape box in the trash can – not only was my throat super sore due to all the tubes they had going in it, I actually had a pretty intense case of laryngitis. No voice for a week, insane cough that had me wondering if I had caught pneumonia, and enough gross phlegm to last me a lifetime.

I’ve been able to sit at home and not reach for my vape, though the first week was really hard. Now, since I know I can do it, it’s a lot easier to ignore the urges or desires of that part of my brain. So what have I been doing instead of vaping? Nothing.

Let’s be honest, you expected me to say “snacking my ass off”. And, to be fair and translucent with everyone, I did do just that for the first few days. I kept snacking on grapes, carrots, carrot cake (thanks, mom), salami… Until it got to the point where I could calm down with the nervous eating and let it go.

I went to my doctor’s office for a visit regarding my worsening laryngitis, and we discussed my weight gain and inability to shake a few necessary pounds off for the last year and a half. We discussed a few options, and we decided I would try an appetite suppressant, to make me eat a little less and not snack all day. It’s been very successful, if I may say so myself. I’ve been able to eat less and make conscious efforts to eat better, and I’ve been able to sit at home without eating everything in sight.

Let’s see how that works out for me. I’m hoping to drop a few necessary pounds. Y’all don’t know how happy that would make me.

Oh, and no ovarian cancer. Hooray! Everything on the biopsy came back clear and negative.

I honestly cannot wait to go back to work. I’m a little less bloated (maybe because I don’t have a water balloon the size of a toddler’s head in my ovary anymore), and my belly is actually not lopsided anymore (the left side of my belly was raised due to the actual size of cyst), so I’m imagining I’ll look a little slimmer in my clothes. I was able to snag a few new LuLaRoe tops and dresses from my bff Julia, so it’s always a good feeling to wear something new and cute. I’ve been a tad bored at home as well. As much as I was told to rest and heal, I did go through my drawers and decluttered, doing the same process to my closet and River and Lydia’s drawers. Less clothes to pack for when we move!

Speaking of the move, they’veĀ finally started on our house! I drove by after my doctor’s appointment and lo and behold, they’ve broken ground and started the basement/foundation. Absolutely cannot wait. I daydream about that house, about our lives in that beautiful space and just how much more room our girls will have to run around, to grow up in. I can’t believe we’re building our first family home. I still feel like I’m in a dream whenever I talk about it. December can’t get here fast enough!

Zelda has been a trooper these past 2 weeks. She’s hardly left my side, and she’s been a hardcore snuggler. Such a good pup.

Counting down the days for my parents to get here. Yes, mom was just here, but I miss my dad a ton. It’s been a few months since the last time I saw him, and about the same amount of time since I last saw mom and dad together. But, in 2 weeks, I’ll see them both! I can’t wait. It’ll be the last time they’ll come hang out with us at this house – the next time will be at our new family home.

E X C I T I N G!

I can’t stop thinking about the new house, as you can tell.

Time to go back to my Youtube adventures and final day of rest. I have 2 hours until River and Lydia come home from daycare (I have been unable to lift them, so taking care of them while trying to heal was a no-no) as well as Rick, so it’s the last me-time I’ll have for a long time.

I definitely enjoyed it.

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