Happy Stress

So, as previously mentioned, we have been a bunch of busy bees running around like chickens with their heads cut off. On top of our daily stress with prepping to move and making sure the house construction is going according to the timeline, we had a fun few moments in the last week.

Two Saturdays ago, Rick and I finally put the girls down for a nap in their cribs and started to settle on the couch downstairs, wondering what we’d tackle next in the house in preparation to pack everything but essentials. We were only about 3 minutes into our thinking, when I heard a distinct thud, tiny footsteps, the shaking of a door handle, and then heavier and faster footsteps across the second floor. With a deep sigh and mumbled curses, I rushed up the stairs to find River running around. So I did what any mother in denial does – I placed her back in the crib, left the room, and grabbed the baby monitor. I saw her cry and climb out of the crib with extreme precision. She’s got insane arm strength for a 21 month old.

Mini heart attack, am I right?

That was the end of cribs. Immediately following that, Rick and I took down the front of their cribs and turned them into little beds for their safety. The nap took a while to happen (they kept running around their room and throwing themselves onto their beds, jumping off their beds to the floor, climbing on the little couch that’s in their room, and trashing everything) but, once it did happen, they only fell off their beds once each. From then on, they’ve learned the bed boundary and they haven’t fallen off their beds since. They play around during nap time, but they know when it’s night-night time (and they even ask for it). And, the cutest thing ever, they’ve started to cuddle up with each other to sleep or nap. It’s the most heart-warming thing to witness. They’re so cute! And they love each other so much!

The first thing Lydia does when she gets up is to walk over to River’s bed and give her a kiss on the head. Anytime you give River two cookies or two cups, she runs over to Lydia and gives her one. This twin bond is quite the thing to witness. Not for the weak of heart.

The week after beds were introduced, River got sick and had to go to the hospital for a couple of days again, with the same thing – asthma. We’re entering the cold/flu season once again, and I’m just seriously hoping we can stop with the hospital visits – she’s been to the ER 5 times this year and hospitalized 3 times! I think that’s enough.


Our new house has been framed – its beautiful, wooden skeleton stands high on our plot of land, complete with windows, doors, and the framing for the roof.


While we do have a couple more months until it’s completed, we do need to move out of our current house by the end of this month so the new owner can move in. In the meantime, we’ll be staying with our more-than-amazing friends Dewanshi and Vikram, their kitties, and their two awesome kids – Arya and Arjun. Arya is the girls’ age, maybe a couple months older, but they’ll have so much fun playing together. Arjun will be like their big brother. I’ll finally have girl time with Dewanshi, and who knows – we may even be able to play a board game with our friends every once in a while when the kiddos go to bed.

We’ve tackled the bathroom and our bedroom the most, and we’re working on putting everything that we need but won’t need for a while in binds and boxes, including summer clothes and shoes and extra bathroom products, and now we need to tackle the kitchen and the girls’ room. Their room is basically all done and the kitchen will be one of the last things (because food is essential), but we’re getting slowly and surely there.

We’ve been pretty busy and stressed, but it’s been a fun stress if that makes any sense. It’s pretty exciting to see our house be built from the ground up, it’s exciting to see our girls growing and adapting to beds rather than cribs. It’s amazing seeing just how much stronger our bond gets with every hurdle or obstacle thrown at us, and I’m only even more excited and thankful to be going through this all together with my family.

I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

2 thoughts on “Happy Stress

  1. It’s so nice to read about happy stress. While moving can be stressful, you look at the fun aspects of it which is wonderful. Congrats on the new house! I bet it’s going to be gorgeous!
    Your twins are super adorable btw. I am so happy my daughter never figured out how to climb out of the crib!! Heart attack is right! I switched to a toddler bed right after she turned 2 and she surprisingly did great. I mean, she of course got up and ran around her room during nap and bed times but that only lasted like a week or 2.
    I hope your hospital visits decrease. It’s the absolute worst feeling in the world when you have to take your little to the hospital and it’s even worse to see them have a hard time breathing! You sound like one strong Mama though!! I love your blog and will continue to be a follower! ❤


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