Honest Reviews: My Monat Experience

There are tons of different ways to implement self-care into your daily routine. You can put time aside for the spa, you can go get your nails done, you can sit in your favorite spot in the house in silence and read a book, binge on your favorite shows, drink your coffee in peace (and while warm)… You can also take really good care of your hair.

My daily ritual right there.

The latter one is how I choose my self-care routine to go. After I had River and Lydia, the struggle was real with my hair. It, for lack of better terms, died on me. The shine was gone, the volume disappeared, it became thin and would fall in chunks (our family made Draino rich for a while there). I cut off 6 inches off my hair, hoping to rekindle its spirits. It didn’t do anything. Regret set in, and so did the search for good and affordable hair products. I researched for months, spent money on expensive products at the store, and nothing seemed to give my hair what it needed.

That’s where my new neighbor, Chelsea, came in. We had recently become friends on Facebook, and I saw one of her posts about great hair products. I didn’t recognize the brand, so I didn’t really pay much attention to it at first. Then, after a second post of hers, I decided to ask her about it. Turns out she actually sells the stuff, so I asked her for samples to see how it would affect my hair or if I’d notice a difference. The brand? Monat (it’s pronounced Mo-nate, but I still butcher it and call it Mo-Nat every once in a while).

My hair is full of life and s-h-i-n-y!

The first time I used the samples, I had just finished a rigorous workout at the gym. I remember feeling skeptical about never having heard of the brand before, and all the claims of it being a magic shampoo. But all my doubts were laid to rest once I stepped out of the shower. HOLY HAIR BATMAN.

It was on that day that my love affair with my hair and with Monat began. My hair was super soft to the touch, shinier than it had ever been, it felt light, smelled amazing, and it felt like its depressive episode had been lifted. I remember touching my hair every 5 minutes at work that day. And it didn’t end that day.

I ordered the shampoo and conditioner from my neighbor and happily used it every day, and my hair just kept feeling and looking healthier with each use. A few days after the initial introduction, I decided that this was something I could attest to its effects, and that I just wanted everyone I knew to know it too. So, I became a Market Partner with Monat and am currently selling their amazing, high-quality products (and making a bit of side-money for our little family, too) while enjoying them myself.

Life-saving dry shampoo is a must.

My hair is definitely feeling the love. This whole experience has only made my self-care journey that much richer and stronger, and I am absolutely loving the results a month and a half into this hair-care-self-care journey.

But what makes the products so great?

They’re free of all toxic ingredients, including parabens, sulfates, and harsh salts. Every product is color-safe, gentle yet effective, and there’s literally a prodcut or combination for everyone – whether you have the oiliest of hairs (haha, me) or the coarsest, driest hair out there. Now, of course, there have been some people who were unfortunately allergic to some of the products, and that’s only normal.

I’m now a self-proclaimed Monatholic. The products have done a number on my hair and I’ll be using them forever.

If you’d like to take a look at our products, you’re more than welcome to click right here.

My life is crazy and I don’t have time for much, but this new haircare line has made it easier to pamper myself without sacrificing anything. What more can I ask?

I love my hair.

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