Sitting, Waiting, Wishing

It’s been a crazy past couple of weeks for us.

Had a very interesting time coping with being out of medication for a good 4 days two weeks ago, and I never want to feel that way ever again. I was out of one of my meds because I had to switch to a home delivery system, and it took a little time for my psychiatrist to set my scripts up through it for me.

So, needless to say, that was really not very fun at all, whatsoever. I was a mess, but it was all very short lived, thankfully. I got my meds and everything is back to normal now.

See? I’m fine. And my hair looks amazing.

After that, Rick left town for 4 days for a work conference in Nashville, TN (yes, where I grew up and wish I could’ve gone too), so it was just me and our sweet little angels for that time. Thank goodness, nobody was sick this time, nobody needed to go to Urgent Care at night this time, and they slept through the night (and didn’t pee through their diapers!) all three nights Rick was gone. I did, however, take them to get their flu shots one at a time. I will never take two toddlers to the doctor by myself for shots. Never, ever, ever. No, thank you. But both girls took it like champs and acted like nothing happened. Such pros.

River and Lydia at the doctor’s office

In the meantime, our house is only getting more and more ready! We have an official closing date – November 30th! Which is absolutely perfect. We can go furniture shopping on Black Friday! We can go on with the delivery dates for our washer/dryer and refrigerator for the house (we snagged two AMAZING deals on Samsung appliances since Sears is closing down)! I honestly cannot wait. And, while I haven’t been able to go by the house, Rick has had to be there for a pre-drywall meeting and he carved our initials (C+R=LR S Z) on the skeleton of our lovely house.

If I told you I’m not having mini-meltdowns on the inside while they finish the house, I’d be lying.


I still can’t believe we were able to do this, build our first family home. I can’t even imagine how it’ll feel to move in. It’ll be so amazing! And we’ll take such good care of it! And all the space will be amazing! Bah, I can’t wait.

So now I sit, wait, and wish. I’m sitting on the couch, typing away, all by myself. I’m waiting on Rick and the girls to come back from Syracuse because I miss them. I’m wishing the next month would just fly by and we’d be about to move into our lovely new house.

Rick had to take Zelda, the dog, to his uncle’s house for the next month while we’re at our friends’ house, and he took the girls with him. I stayed behind – I had to wait for more of my other meds to arrive so I could sign for it, and I packed away our entire kitchen and the girls’ bedroom while at it. It’s our last week in this townhouse, and even though I’m very thankful for the shelter it provided and the history it contains of me and Rick and our lives together (my first time in Rochester, me moving in with him, our engagement, our marriage, River and Lydia’s existence, I am still beyond excited for what’s to come. For the new memories.

Precious moments. And ponytails.

I think that’s the hardest part of life for me – waiting. I guess I’m not such a patient person after all.

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