Moving, Part I

We did it! We’re halfway through our moving journey.

We’ve emptied out the townhouse and got it all cleaned up and shiny and it looks all brand new for its new owner. It took us two days to clear everything out and put our things into our storage unit, and we’ve thrown away all of our really old furniture (I say “our” but it’s actually just Rick’s). Of course it rained like there was no tomorrow on the two days we were doing this, but we got through it and did it. We’re settling in at our friends’ house, and the girls have adjusted accordingly to the new environment, to our friends’ children (they have a 2 and 6-year old), and to their adorable, tiny kittens.

Rick and I have adapted as well, especially to the kittens – all hail Zyrtec and its magical powers of combatting allergies.

It’s great to have a full house, to be able to sit down with friends and enjoy a show (yes, I ended up rewatching The Haunting of Hill House because my friend wasn’t finished with it yet), watch the kids play, cook together, and just to feel like a big and happy family.

I just wish I could wake up rested.

I’ve said this before, I think, but I am a huge baby. I just finished watching a horror series and moved into a bigger and new house, so it’s needless to say that my imagination is going wild and flourishing. Adding insult to injury, Rick has sleep apnea and needs to sleep with a C-PAP machine now (I keep telling him I sleep with Bane), and all the little oxygen noises wake me up every time he messes with it. Needless to say, he’s not sleeping well either. ¬†At least the girls are.

T-minus 30 days until closing day for our new house! I am totally counting down and still beyond excited.

Halloween is tomorrow! River and Lydia will go trick-or-treating for the first time! They’ll be dressing up as Cookie Monster (Lydia) and Elmo (River), and they’ll be super warm and cozy in these adorable costumes.

I did request to get off work 2 hours early so I could take them trick-or-treating, but haven’t heard back yet. Fingers crossed I can take part in their first Halloween adventures tomorrow! Otherwise, I’ll just cry.

Wait! It just got approved! *happy dance*

Life is insanely busy, but it’s a good busy. It’s nice watching the girls grow, watching them learning new words, pick up new skilss (going up and down the stairs is the hot thing right now), and interact with other kids and adults. Makes you appreciate the little things, and makes me wish life could slow down just a tad so I can take all of this in properly.

It’s always the little things in life that matter. In my case, I have two little things of the utmost importance.

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