T-9 Days

Nine. Days.

When I was younger, I had always dreamed of building my own house. With all the mistakes I made in life and the way I made things more complicated than they needed to be, I thought I’d never get the chance to do it one day.

But, here we are.

We’re nine days away from closing on our first family house, and it is looking great! I got the chance to see it with my own two eyes for the first time yesterday, and I was so busy taking it all in and picturing the girls running around, dinners being served, and family time in the living room that I completely forgot to take pictures… Except for right when I arrived and took this one:


As my dad put it, it comes with snow. Hahaha.

My kitchen is perfect. It’s the ideal size for me, and it has plenty of cabinets and work space and we now have a legit pantry! I love the fact we have an island with the sink and dishwasher… and we have a garbage disposal! That’s pretty legit to me. Needless to say, the kitchen is my favorite part of the house right now.

My second favorite would be my bathroom. We have a nice tile Roman shower and a double sink. Perfect so we don’t fight for space while getting ready in the morning.

The rooms were a little smaller than I thought, but they’re super cozy. The light fixtures are beautiful, the hardwood floor in the first floor is perfect, and we’re getting the carpet done today, as well as the granite in the kitchen.

We have nine days. N I N E. D A Y S. I don’t think I can wait that long!

I keep daydreaming of the girls running down the stairs this Christmas and looking at the Christmas tree. Oh, how I can’t wait for them to open their presents and get overly excited – we’re also anticipating some fights over boxes (“no, my box” incoming) and toys, even though they’ll probably get the same toys. This is going to be a good Christmas, I can feel it in my bones…

And if you know me, that must have sounded weird to you. Camila? Excited about Christmas?! Is this the end of the world?! Don’t fret. It’s not. It’s just the magic of being a parent and realizing that Christmas is not about you, but your kids. It’s the magic of “where did all these presents come from?” and watching their little faces light up with joy. It’s also about the fact that I’ll be cooking for Christmas for the first time as it’ll be celebrated at our new house. Freaking out moments aside – because I seriously have no idea what I’m doing – I am ecstatic about hosting Christmas for our little family this year.

This holiday season is going to rock.

But, before Christmas comes the girls’ second birthday. I had originally wanted to do something Sesame Street related for them, but I’m going to just hold it out and make it up to them for their 3rd birthday next year. Things have been nuts, money has been tight due to furniture shopping and stuff, so they’ll have a cute cake and be extremely loved for their birthday. Maybe I’ll let them dress up as Elmo and Cookie Monster again, just for the hell of it. Why not? Look at those cute faces. They can do whatever they want.


Speaking of the girls, they got to play in the snow for the first time ever! They were born during a blizzard, saw snow when they were 11 months old, and finally got to play in it for the first time. They loved the crunchy noises when they walked around and ran, they absolutely loved being dragged around in a sled. Just look at those happy faces! We had a pretty good weekend in Chittenango at Rick’s parents’.


I am so incredibly excited about life right now.


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