Marching Forward

Hello, my good people. It is March 5th, and this is the longest I’ve gone without writing anything.

It’s been a while since I had the time and energy to sit and type about things. We’ve been very busy, all with good things – work, the girls, our house. We have even overcome a bout of RSV without having to go to the hospital. Given our girls’ history with going to the hospital and being admitted (especially River), that’s a ginormous feat in itself.

Life has been great. No major stress like the beginning of last year, which began with two hospitalizations for River; no bad news or bad things happening. Which is really great and kind of weird, so I’m knocking on some wood as I type this.

The girls are so big now, they’re super smart. Today, we had an evaluation for their gross and motor skills and for any signs of needing speech therapy, but they blew the evaluators away and have received major praise in their skills, especially their language ones. They know what they want and they know how to ask for it, they’re very expressive, and they even scored above average for their actual age in some parts of the evaluation. No more adjusting they’re age – they’re legit 26-month-olds.

Lydia even counted to five on her own without being asked to. She saw five check marks on the paper and tapped each of them, counting them. River identified 4 colors as quickly as a snap, and called out which shape was the circle and the square before being asked to.

I have to take this time to thank all the countless videos my husband and I deem “stupid”, whether it be by Dave and Ava, Cocomelon, Super Simple Learning, or Pinkfong. Those, along with us reading to them and teaching them many things ourselves (as parents should) have definitely played a big role in their extensive vocabulary, which was scored above average as well, and in their knowledge of emotions. And, needless to say, our daycare girls have had a huge impact on their skills as well. River and Lydia would not have received such praise without their help either.

So, with the blessing of the evaluators, the girls have been discharged from the Early Intervention services with a clean bill of skills and health. They’re normal 2-year-olds now. Feels so good to type that, considering they were born 12 weeks early and that could’ve caused a whole world of difficulties in learning and motor skills. We’re lucky to have such strong little girls.

As for me and Rick, we’ve been busy. He’s currently dying of a man cold (insert major eye-roll here), while I remain completely immune from the girls’ bout of RSV and colds. We’ve been working a lot as usual, and we’re doing great from a relationship stand-point. It’s truly been a great few months in our beautiful house. I sometimes still can’t believe we live here.

I’ve been listening to a lot of scary stories podcasts lately, my favorite being Otis Jiry’s Scary Stories Told in the Dark. They’ve been a much needed fuel for my creativity, and I’ve scribbled a few short tales here and there, some too dark to share, others not complete or with major plot holes. But writing is good. Coming up with little stories is good. It makes me feel like the old Camila – always wanting to start a new writing project but never truly finishing it because of different reasons. Maybe I’ll put those reasons to bed and eventually publish something. Better late than never, right?

I’m turning 30 this year. 5 days after Game of Thrones returns, to be exact. Side note: I’m totally not rewatching Game of Thrones while typing this. I have mixed feelings. 30 is just a number, age is all in your head. But you know how we all have a picture of what we’ll be at a certain age? Well, I’m not exactly where I thought I’d be at 30. But as true as that is, I have to count my blessings: I am happily married to a good man, I have two amazing daughters, I have a needy dog, I have a gorgeous new house, I have a dependable car, a good job, good health. The difference between that and how I thought things would be in my 30’s remains a vision for my eyes only, but my life is nothing short of amazing and I am nothing but happy about that. I’m very grateful.

Other than staying busy and not getting much sleep with sick toddlers and husband, life’s been great. My favorite bra has stabbed me and I felt betrayed, but Rick says he can fix it and sew it closed when he gets some thread and needles. Isn’t it great when your husband knows how to sew but you don’t? I still feel betrayed….. Especially because that was a $60 bra. But, that’s ok. There’ll always be other bras out there. I’m constantly tired, but it’s not the damaging, debilitating tired. More like an I’m-used-to-it-now tired, where I’m so good at being tired that you’d think I had lots of energy. Ah, the magic of parenthood.

Well, I’m out of chips are really thirsty, and my time while the girls nap is limited, so I must tend to things. Or I just need to take a nap myself. Or make more coffee. That’s one of the toughest choices I’ve ever had to make.

Until next time, my friends.

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