Houston, We’ve Got An Update

Nine months.

It’s been a crazy last nine months in Camilaland, and I bet most of you thought I wouldn’t be coming back.

Well, you were wrong.

Let’s see… Last I wrote, it was March and the girls had just been discharged from Early Intervention, and I was blabbing about how much I love space, and how much I wish I could visit it.

What if I told you that, on the same night I posted that fateful blog, my husband reached out to me (he was on a work trip) with information on a sci-fi LARP called Outbound Hope Mission? What is that LARP about? Well, picture a little bit of Stark Trek and overall space exploration with a whole lot of Battlestar Gallactica. You dig? I dig. Without much need of convincing, we signed up and had an excruciating wait until last month (November) to actually attend the LARP. And it was amazing and worth it.

So we spent the majority of 2019 waiting on this amazing game while our daughters grew right before our eyes, getting bigger, stronger, taller, mouthier, and healthier. We’ve had zero hospital admissions this year. A couple urgent care visits for minor things during weekends, but other than that it’s been a really calm year! Well, when it comes to their health. Rick has just had some news on his neck – the disc between his c5 and c6 vertebrae is pressing on his spinal cord, and that causes a lot of pain and discomfort, numbness, tingling… I feel bad for him. He’s been a real trooper this past month and a half.

As for me, I’m still healthy. I turned 30 and didn’t die – just became bolder and wiser. Though I’m still with the same amazing company I’ve been working for in the last year and a half, I have left that miserable call center position for a much better position in our headquarters in downtown, and I’ve quit vaping/smoking for good. It’s been 50 days as of today. I haven’t been able to drop any weight permanently, but I haven’t gained any – which is a win on my book. I’ve gone back to school! I just finished my first semester at Monroe Community College, working on a Business Administration AS degree. I decided it was time to actually get serious about my career and where I want to go with this company, which I intend on retiring from years in the future.

I still haven’t worked on my book at all, and it weighs heavy on me. I gave myself five years. One year is about to pass. Maybe I’ll have more time to work on it next year… But somehow I doubt it, with school now being an addition for the next couple of years. We’ll see.

River and Lydia are doing fantastic. They’re healthy, growing, outgrowing clothes overnight, fine-tuning motor skills… River is left-handed and Lydia is right-handed (we totally messed it up with the R and L names, didn’t we?), they love pretend playing, sword fighting, talking on the phone, throwing snowballs, eating sugar… All the good stuff. They’re going to a Pre-K school/daycare facility and learning a lot of little songs (they can say all the months and almost all the days of the week), they’ve become sassier and smarter. It’s truly amazing to watch them grow and develop into the little people they are.

So… That’s where we are at this moment. I’m currently on my second cup of coffee, and have finished everything I had to do for the work day. For those interested, the LARP I was talking about previously is called Outbound Hope Mission, and it’s about humanity’s second attempt at going to a different solar system in order to colonize a planet there, and what happens when it doesn’t go as planned. It’s run by a group of dear friends of ours, and you can find more information on their website, http://www.outboundhope.com. Also, while on their main page – if you wait a good 10 seconds, you’ll see my awesome movie-quality picture on there as a SAI Integration Officer! Bionic implants and contacts and all!

I’ll be sure to check in more often. I’ve missed blogging, and I hope this entry finds you well and healthy.

Until next time!

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